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Tiramisu8511Fox Glacier, 3 hours walking,completely different experience, it''s worth a try
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Snow Mountain
pxy0705Franz Josef Glacier is a famous glacier national park on the west coast of New Zealand's South Island. There are hundreds of kilometers of snow-capped mountains here, and the snow does not melt all the year round, for tens of thousands of years. The ecological environment of the entire glacier is very good. The stream flowing down from the melting glacier is clear and sweet. The scenery along the way is very beautiful. It is definitely a good place for hiking.
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Aerial Tour
_We***75[Steps] First, you will change into unique waterproof and windproof clothing, then take a helicopter to the glacier, put on the spike covers that are easy to walk on the glacier, and then follow the guide to explore ~ [Scenery] How white glaciers are covered along the way, and There are dark blue ones, some glacier water can be consumed directly, and some caves are very beautiful. [Fun] The guide will let everyone stop and take pictures. Basically, they will take care of your emotions and needs. If you have any questions, you can ask questions at any time and will explain it to you.
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denis天涯任我行Another sight in Hokitika is the glowwormdell, a free glowworm cave, located just across the road from the shiningstarbeachfrontaccommodation on the coast. There are signs at the entrance and free parking. Walk along the trail on the left for 2-3 minutes. It was raining when I went there. It was slippery and I couldn’t see my fingers. This is the first time I came here. I don’t know the terrain very much. You need to be very careful. The flashlight inside is quite unscrupulous and immoral, and the flashlight cannot be used to take pictures. There are iron wires on both sides of the road, and the vertical woods are covered with glowworms. The stars are dotted with stars, as if they are in the Milky Way. Why is the New Zealand firefly called glowworm and not firefly, because it is a kind of worm that can't fly. It clings to moist woods and caves. It spits out sticky filaments like nets, attracting flying insects with its own light. This place is recommended to go after 9 o'clock in the evening, the darker the more beautiful.
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d36***08If you don’t take a photo with the driftwood decoration "HOKITIKA", you have never been to Hokitika or the west coast of the South Island. In the Hokitika travel brochure compiled and distributed by Tourism New Zealand, the homepage picture is a photo of the sunset accompanied by "HOKIDIKA". Walk west from the town’s bell tower for 3 minutes and pass through a small gate. Hokitika Beach is right in front of you. The whistling sea breeze and the waves are beating against the black rocky beach. The driftwood decoration and the stone green sofa not far from the side are the most eye-catching objects on the beach. For a long time, tourists will consciously line up to check in. The local residents' preference for the driftwood "HOKIDIKA" is almost obsessive. Whenever a strong wind destroys part or all of the decoration, within 24 hours, they must be refurbished as new with the dead branches of driftwood available everywhere on the beach.
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广州丁满Two of the three major glaciers in the South Island of New Zealand are located on the west coast, namely Fox Glacier and Franz Josef Glacier. It's not easy to come here by land. Over the mountains and ridges, the road seems to have entered a prehistoric era. It also proves from another angle that it is not affected by humans too much, and it is primitive enough. There are usually helicopter sightseeing, canyon hiking, and ice climbing experience to visit the glacier. I participated in the first two of Fox Glacier. Due to the impact of global warming, the lower edge of the glacier has been receding into the mountains. There are only a large amount of gravel cut by the glacier in the canyon. It is scary to see, but it is still beautiful to overlook from the helicopter and the glacier landing. Hope Mankind can implement emissions reductions as soon as possible and protect our shared nature.

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Hokitika Gorge WalkSouth Westland,New Zealand

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Franz Josef Glacier TrackSouth Westland,New Zealand

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Hokitika BeachSouth Westland,New Zealand

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Westland Tai Poutini National ParkSouth Westland,New Zealand

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Franz Josef i-SITE Visitor Information CentreSouth Westland,New Zealand

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Knights Point LookoutSouth Westland,New Zealand

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