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Subang Jaya,Recommendations
Two brushes Kuala Lumpur, let me see what I did on the first day! At the end of the summer, it is only reluctant to choose to end in a hotter place. Meet a friend in Kuala Lumpur and get off the plane and head straight to Sunway Resort Hotel & SPA. This is my second time in Kuala Lumpur and I can only relax. Sunway Resort is about 10 kilometers from Kuala Lumpur city center. It is close to Sunway Water World and connects to Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall. It is a mature and perfect resort town. It takes three or four days to get here. . After breakfast, the breakfast was called room service, and the heart was stunned! Nasi Lemak, Shrimp Intestines, Indian Pancakes, Chicken Sauce with BBQ Sauce, Scallops, Scallops, Sauted wonton noodles with hand-baked roast duck, and drinks are orange juice and tea. This breakfast mix covers a wide range of specialties from Malaysia. For the food, this breakfast is the best welcome ceremony on the road. I heard that the hotel's Mandara SPA was very good and I made an appointment. The masseur is very professional. In the four essential oils she recommended, I chose to relieve the pressure, professional style and quiet environment, more than an hour, the exhaustion of the journey, full of blood resurrection! The hotel's breakfast is so good, and I don't want to go far for lunch. In the Resort Cafe buffet restaurant, a bowl of Curry Laksa with a durian pudding, a perfect combination! The Pyramid Shopping Center has a sea fishing, hahaha, and there are many people waiting in line. On the first floor, there is a store with LOL custom T-shirts. It is not expensive. Muhahahaha can do Doraemon and Snoopy Malaysia Memorial T. I made two more A dreams~
Subang Jaya,Recommendations
Eat food and play in Kuala Lumpur, Sunway town food full Raiders! Malaysia's food culture is very rich, which is inseparable from its special cultural background. Although... Well... of course, its still a little worse than ours. Ive been living in the Sunway Resort in Kuala Lumpur for a few days, and Ive been eating a lot of Malay local specialties. For a holiday student like me, you dont have to go around in a hurry to find a satisfying one. Its really satisfying! Contentment! I personally understand that there are many martial arts in Malay cuisine, for example, Indian curry pie, Chinese horse combined with Nyonya pie, Malay local pie, authentic western food pie, delicious Chinese food pie, There is a dessert coffee party... OMG~ I also deeply felt the great love of the local sweet friends for "sweet", and all kinds of dessert drinks are also a must. Guarding the Resort Cafe buffet restaurant in the Sunway Resort, which has been highly praised by the locals, it has tasted all kinds of tastes. The same partner said, we are eating the horse without leaving home. Come, across Asia, hahaha! Chicken bone tea, satay skewers, special Malay clams, curry fish head, Vietnamese spring rolls, Nasi Lemak, stir-fried noodles, Malay Bak Kut Teh, nine-layer cake, summer special cocktails, and superb desserts A lot of super fresh seafood... even the salt tower of salted mayonnaise sauce, oh oh! What else can I say? Let the taste buds jump and prepare for the fat three pounds! Attached to a Shuangwei town to eat and drink TIPS 1. Starbucks, there! Another hotel on the first floor of Sunway Group Hotel, not far from Sunway Resort Hotel, can be found by positioning. If you dont like sweet friends, remember to hurry up 2. Like to play card desserts, cafes, net red shop partners, Step by step at Sunway Pyramid Shopping Center, meet you in minutes 3. The Bar Cocktail at Sunway Hotel is not bad, there is a band singing in the evening, the environment is good, the atmosphere is good, the price is reasonable 4.Resort in the hotel The buffet at the Cafe restaurant is very good, covering almost all kinds of Malay specialties 5. Every Sunday buffet restaurant has buffet afternoon tea, which can be solved directly at the lunch and dinner shop. Afternoon tea can be taken in the photo or hh/6. I said before that there are more food choices in Sunway Lagoon. Sai Bai Wei and Burger King have it. Dont panic 7. Backpackers want to eat simple meals. KFC, 7-11 want to eat too, Sunway this There are so many sides, open the navigation and follow it. Ha , Have a nice day~
Subang Jaya,Recommendations
Delicious, Sunway Pyramid
mohammod omar hasan
Subang Jaya,Recommendations
Although the tropical style of Malaysia will easily be drunken to the first-time travellers, the ideal resting place when walking is exhausted can not be sloppy. So, when you find a perfect hotel, your trip is half full. There is a place, it is luxurious and not extravagant, brilliant and not old-fashioned, but also has a lot of "Asia's first", more in line with the concept of many family-style vacation: bid farewell to the east and west, choose to be in a hotel A place where you can get all your food, drink, and fun. It is the Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa in Kuala Lumpur. Get out of the way! ~