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Jiguan MountainNearby City

Jiguan Mountain

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Open from 8:30am-4:30pm (Local time)
"If you go with a tour group, you will leave from home at 6 am. After meeting with the bus, you will leave Harbin on the expressway at about 7 am and take the Hatong Expressway. The road conditions are better. When you get off the expressway, take the national highway past Mulan, then turn right at Yongfu Village. Country Suet Road, the road is better to walk, occasionally there are pits, about 10.30 to reach the entrance of the climbing point. The gate of the scenic spot is about 2 kilometers away from the climbing point. You can enter by car. The fare should be charged per person. There is a parking lot at the climbing point. After going up the mountain, you can climb up the main road all the way. It is not too tired. There are many wooden tables and chairs along the road. You can eat and rest. The restrooms are not hard to find. There are four or five restrooms. There is no wind in the mountains. I feel like I am sweating profusely. Don't be too heavy. I must bring enough water. I brought 800ml of water and I drank it on the top of the mountain. End; there are many scenic spots, but almost all of them are piles of rocks on the mountain. People gave them nice names based on their imagination. I think there are three scenic spots that should not be missed. They are three viewing platforms-the first viewing platform is Halfway up the mountain, you can see the side of Jiguan Mountain and the reclining Buddha on the other side. To be honest, I didn’t see the shape of the reclining Buddha, but the scenery is good. It’s best to go here when going down the mountain, because it is on the east side. The steps up the mountain are high and steep, which consumes energy. On the contrary, if you climb up from the west side of the mountain and then descend from the east side, you can walk directly down the mountain, which is better in comparison; the second observation deck is the first observation deck Above the platform, after the lady greets guests, you can watch Jiguan Mountain up close here. You can climb up here when you go up the mountain. After viewing the scenery, go directly to the road on the side of the beetle tree to the top of the mountain; the top of the mountain, cliff plank road, wide It is 0.6 meters long and 400 meters long. It is very dangerous. Pay attention to safety. Don't walk while walking and don't walk while viewing. It is best not to lean on the railings. The scenery here is the essence of the whole Jiguanshan, the most beautiful place. Don’t go back the same way when you go down the mountain. You can walk along the plank road to the descent from the east side plank road down the mountain; in addition, there is a small loop line in the direction of Huanhuaxi Lovers’ Ya, this road can go or not, there is nothing to see, just Piles of rocks have beautiful names. If you don't have enough time or physical strength, you don't want to go, because the scenery is similar to the scenery on the mountain road, and there is nothing special. The specific route can refer to the following: Entrance of Dajiguan Mountain-Lying Lion Tingtao-Snail Climbing-Jin Chanding-Jade Girl Yingbin-Second Observation Deck-Beetle on the Tree-Buddhist Niche-Zhuangyuan Pen-Cliff Plank Road Precipice Volley-Zhenshan Stone Python -Resting platform-east downhill line-Yunv Yingbin-First Observation Deck-Yutu Stone-Jinchanding-(can not go: Huanhuaxi-Foguangpuzhao-Jinji Baoxiao-Lovers Ya-boy worship Buddha-Huanhuaxi)- Snail climbing-lying lion listening to the Tao-entrance, at least 3-4 hours. Reminders: 1. There is no signal on mobile phones in many places, but there are the following places: cliff cliff plank road, second viewing platform, first viewing platform; 2. Mosquitoes, flies, and bees all the way around, will surround you Buzzing constantly, it is best to spray some mosquitoes before going up the mountain, or use a fan to drive them away; 3. There is a cockscomb seascape area next to the main scenic area of Jiguan Mountain, on the same road, after entering the scenic area, you will pass first Make no mistake about the Shihaijing District."