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About Suining

Suining is situated in the center of the Sichuan Basin. According to local legend, Suining is the hometown of Guanyin, the bodhisattva of infinite compassion in East Asian Buddhism. The area has a rich history and is home to several cultural attractions including Linquan Temple and Guangde Temple. Other attractions include a large underground salt lake, a Song dynasty ceramics museum, the ancient town of Longfeng, and a large park with dinosaur and tree fossils.

Popular Attractions in Suining

China’s Dead Sea
1,011 Reviews
Located in Daying County, Suining City, China’s Dead Sea is a great expanse of water, most of which comes from an ancient underground salt basin formed by orogenic processes (the deformation of the earth's crust and upper mantle by interactions between plate tectonics), and was drawn up using ancient salt well technology. Here you can experience the interesting phenomenon of floating on the lake’s surface because of its high salt content. The scenic area also has sand beaches and opportunities for enjoying rafting, surfing, and relaxing in hot springs.
Holy Water Temple
486 Reviews
The Holy Water Temple is located in Lingquan Mountain, Chuanshan District, Suining City, Sichuan. Across Fujiang River is Guangde Temple. The Holy Water Temple is composed of the Holy Water Buddhist culture area and the Holy Water cultural leisure area. In the Buddhist culture area, tourists can visit various Buddhist buildings such as Guanyin Pavilion, the Hall of Kshitigarbha and the Hall of Five Buddhas. The Holy Water cultural leisure area boasts farming culture, a planting garden and Holy Water village, making it a good place for leisure and entertainment.
Longfeng Ancient Town
127 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
Located in the south of the Chuanshan District of Suining City, Longfeng Ancient Town is the birthplace of Guanyin culture. The town has scenic spots such as gate towers, stages, Miaoshan Square, and Guanyin Nirmanakaya Wall, and is a good place to experience the Guanyin culture. It's a great choice to buy some souvenirs in Longfeng Ancient Town. While walking at night, take in the night-time view of the ancient town to experience its special atmosphere.
Guangde Temple Scenic Area
243 Reviews
Guangde Temple Scenic Area is centered around Guangde Temple, which was built during the Tang Dynasty. Since Daizong Yongtai's first year of rule and the spread of meditative practices in China, the incense has burned more or less constantly in the temple. It was sealed eleven times by nine emperors of the Tang, Song, and Ming dynasties. It was a significant Taoist Temple and also served as the royal Zen Forest during that time. The temple's six treasures are the Sacred Arch, the Shanji Tower, the Xilai Jade Buddha, the Jiulong Monument, the Guanyin Jewelry Seal, and the Four Kingdoms Yuyin Seal. They serve as emblems of Chinese culture that have been passed down for thousands of years.

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Trip Moments

Guanyin Dojo has more than Putuo Mountain. Tickets: 40 yuan Tour time: about 2 hours "Three Goddess of Guanyin Bodhisattva, the same pot to eat each practice; big sister repaired in Lingquan Temple, the second sister repaired in the wide De Temple; only the three sisters have been repaired far and repaired in Putuo Mountain in the South China Sea. A folk song that has been circulating for thousands of years tells the story of the Guanyin Bodhisattva in two places, one in Suining, and one in Putuo Mountain. To Suining, it is necessary to go to Lingquan Temple. It was built in the early days of the Kaihuang Emperor. It has been more than 1,400 years since the peak, because the mountain has a holy spring, the millennium has been "not overflowing," The name of Lingbi is beautiful. Lingquan Temple can be said to be a mountain, and the most famous Lingquan is on the top of the mountain. It takes about 40 minutes to climb from the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain. The weather is just right, praying, spring tour, the two are just perfect.
Posted: Feb 14, 2019
# # The second day came to Lingquan Temple in Suining, this is a very magical temple. The temple is built on the hill, the pines and cypresses, the trees are shaded, and there is a spring in the mountains. It is not overwhelming all the year round, and the name is Lingquan, and this spring is currently in the temple hall on the top of the mountain. Can taste, this spring is sweet and sweet, and the reputation is outside. It is said that after drinking, the old man can get rid of all diseases, and the child can open wisdom and wisdom. Lingquan Temple has a lot of clear water and fragrant pilgrims, and there is also a New Spring Temple Fair.
Posted: Feb 7, 2019