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About Suiyang

Suiyang County is located in northern Guizhou Province, in the middle of the Dalou Mountains. The Kuankoushui National Nature Reserve can be found in the county. The local area has many specialties, such as the facing heaven pepper and hollow silver noodles. Famous attractions include the Shuanghe Cave National Geological Park, Jiudaomen, and the Longqiao Ecological Scenic Area.

Popular Attractions in Suiyang

Red Fruit Tree Scenic Area
266 Reviews
Geological Sites
The Red Fruit Tree Scenic Area is in the northern suburb of Suiyang County. It combines rivers, waterfalls, karst caves, natural bridges, ancient trees and ancient cultural sites to form an ancient and magical karst museum. Here, you experience different scenery with every step. There are many dense trees. And the concentration of oxygen is high. The caves are warm in winter and cool in summer. The cliffs are strategically located and difficult to access. Wild fish and cave-preserved red yew wine are delicious and refreshing. It is an ideal place for sightseeing, health tourism, adventure, summer vacation and winter travel.
Shi Er Bei Hou Underground Crack Scenic Spot
82 Reviews
Geological Sites
Shi Er Bei Hou Underground Crack Scenic Spot boasts the only large subsurface fracture in a cave in China. The fracture gradually widens from top to bottom, and the narrowest part allows only one person to pass. The cave is divided into upper, middle and lower layers and is connected to others through the underground river. The cave has a constant temperature throughout the year, so it feels warm in winter and cool in summer. It has fresh air and is a natural oxygen bar, with high content of negative oxygen ions.
Shi Er Bei Hou · Shuanghegu Scenic Spot
57 Reviews
Geological Sites
Shi Er Bei Hou · Shuanghegu Scenic Spot is composed of underground river valleys, pits and gypsum caves and features rich underground karst landform. Cliffs in the underground river valleys come in different shapes and look like valuable artworks. There are also rare cave animals and plants such as blind fish and wild giant salamanders in the caves. The waterfall plunges from the top of the pit, which is very magnificent. The flowing streams in the bottom of the pit coupled with the growing huge original banana forest and bamboo forests offer picturesque scenery. The huge "underground terraces" in gypsum caves are amazing.
Huishanguyangsheng Hot Spring
32 Reviews
Hot Spring

Suiyang Weather

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Jul 12, 2020
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Jul 13, 2020
Jul 14, 2020

Trip Moments

Steven Zhang   
Qingxixia Mountain Villa, knowing its name, knows that it is stained with Qingxi Gorge, and sure enough! After arriving at Qingxixia Mountain Villa, I finally found out that this mountain village was originally the twin sister of Qingxi Gorge. The hotel's exterior feels like an independent resort, a deserved villa. Driving from the Moon Lake to the Villa in the evening is already the time of the twilight. The blue light that the sky has been reluctant to leave for a long time in this time is particularly beautiful on the top of the mountain. In the night, the beauty of the Qingxixia Mountain Villa combines with the atmosphere to create a refreshing feeling. The entire mountain floor is divided into 8 floors, and the underground is 3 floors, which means that the 1st to 3rd floors are below the ground level, while the 4th to 8th floors are above the ground. So the first thing I saw was that there were only 4 layers, which was actually 8 stories high. The reason for the terrain made the horizon of the entire villa start from a negative altitude to zero altitude. The first impression I entered into the hall was that it was very simple. The graceful decoration and the noble atmosphere of the atmosphere immediately felt that this was a very unusual mountain village. The cool-colored lights hanging above are colliding with the glare of visual impact under the warm-toned decoration. This visual impact is absolutely impossible to express in words or language. The next thing is that the decoration on the ground is quite shocking. The ground is made up of a combination of multiple beautiful and precious ores such as marble, granite and ice crackers that are rare in the country. Entering the hall is like entering the palace. It immediately makes people feel that the grade of the villa has raised the value of the high value. The hall is large in size and is divided into a lounge, a casual tea bar, a front desk, and a public temporary storage area. The division of labor and design are very scientific and scientific. Qingxixia Villa's rooms are completely different in layout and decoration. Although there are many similar patterns, many details still have obvious gaps. Therefore, each guest can choose the type of room they like according to their own preferences. The room I stayed in was randomly arranged and was a couple round bed room. The rooms are large in size and fully functional, and the supporting hardware facilities are also in place. The bed is very soft and comfortable, and does not give a feeling of being too soft. In addition, the room has a temporary small table where you can put a computer, which is a great happiness for those who use computers. The bathroom environment is good, the hot water is also sufficient, the only shortcoming is that the temperature of the hot water is not particularly good, there may be some cold in the winter bath. Maybe it's related to the hot water we are not using here or the small problems encountered by newly opened hotels. All in all, all aspects of the room are quite satisfactory, and I personally like this style and environment.
Posted: Jul 20, 2019
What do you think of when you mention Zunyi, Guizhou? Perhaps it is the Zunyi Conference, perhaps the famous Moutai. Zunyi also has many beautiful scenic spots. For example, behind the twelve of Shuyang County, it is a beautifully developed mountain cave in recent years, but today the theme is a bridge in Shuyang County. Between Shuyang County and Zheng'an County, there is a red stone arch bridge across the river. It is tall and beautiful. It is known as the first bridge in northern Fujian. This bridge is the bridge. . This bridge was built in the 32nd year of the Guangxu reign (1906). It has been completed in three years. From the date of completion to the present 108 years, the bridge is still very strong and it is a true century-old project. Because the bridge was jointly built by Zhengan and Xiangyang counties, it is also known as the common bridge. The completion of the gongguan bridge has a great relationship with the Zhizhou Lang Chengmo in Zhengan. Before the bridge was built, it was only from Zhengan to Xiangyang that it was only a boat. When the river surged in the summer, the traffic was interrupted. The construction of the bridge became a popular project. And this heavy rain has allowed Lang Chengmo to catch up. After three days of heavy rain, Lang Chengmo, who returned to Zhengan from Zunyi, stayed in Fuyang for three days. After returning to Zhengan, he immediately negotiated with Fang Jun, Fangxian County. bridge. The bridge has been widely supported. Lang Chengmo took the lead in donating 50% of the money. People from both places also helped each other.
Posted: Dec 21, 2018