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Top Things to Do in Tafilah 2021



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Religious Sites
Church of the Holy SepulchreNearby City

Church of the Holy Sepulchre

4.5/5207 Reviews
ta-iconbased on 6791 reviews
Jerusalem Top 3 in Can't Miss Attractions
"A must-visit holy site. The Church of the Holy Sepulchre is located in the Christian area of the Old City of Jerusalem. It is the place where Jesus died, was buried and resurrected, and the most important holy place in Christianity. The Holy Tomb is a stone cave, less than 2 meters wide. When Jesus was alive, he said that he would be resurrected on the third day after his death. At the beginning of the 4th century, the Empress Dowager Hirana, the mother of Constantine the Great, cruised to Jerusalem and ordered the construction of the Basilica of the Holy Sepulchre at the site of Jesus’ death and burial. It is located on three holy sites: a rectangular colonnaded hall church (Matyrium) surrounding RockofCalvary's Triportico, a rotunda (Anastasis, meaning "resurrection"). In the center of the rotunda is the site of the cave where Jesus was buried. The rocks around the cave were all cut away, and the holy tomb was enclosed in a building called Edicule (meaning "little house"). Enter the church, turn right and go upstairs. It is Golgotha Hill where Jesus was nailed to the cross. There are two frescoes that show that Jesus was stripped of his clothes and then nailed to the cross. An altar, with a model of Jesus nailed to the cross at the top, and a statue of Jesus at the bottom, like a round marble hole in the front, which is said to be the hole where the cross was erected. Countless believers and tourists lined up to touch this hole. At the entrance of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, a piece of red marble is placed in the middle. It says that Jesus was nailed to the cross at 9 o'clock in the morning on Friday. At 3 o'clock in the afternoon, Jesus died after shouting loudly to God. At this time, the people believed that Jesus was really the Son of the Lord and the Messiah who came to save them. So people took him off the cross, put him on this marble, smeared anointing oil, and prepared for burial. The mural on the wall behind the marble bed depicts the scene in detail. There are many devout believers who put the tokens on the stone bed and wipe them. More people knelt for a long time and kissed this stone, which is said to be soaked in the blood of Jesus. To the left is the last stop of the sad road-the tomb of Jesus. Jesus was buried here and resurrected three days later. There is also the marble from the original tomb."
Church of the NativityNearby City

Church of the Nativity

4.6/596 Reviews
ta-iconbased on 2332 reviews
Open from 5:30am-6:00pm (Local time)
"We've been talking about my Christmas trip for the past three years (interested friends can read the previous one). The least-fashionable Christmas of 2020 is over, so we're almost done with the series, which is the last of the series I've been spending Christmas here, so I've chosen the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem to talk to you about it! The origin of the church in Bethlehem is built on the site of the birth of Jesus in the manger, as described in Matthew, one of the four gospels. You can see the Castle-like Christmas church as you stand in the Manger Square in the heart of Bethlehem (Figure II is the 19 year renovation and I took pictures of the 16 and 17 in 2017 and 18 years of maintenance work) from the outside, which is not familiar to me The grandeur of the building is a special fortress style, with no gates but a small stone gate (Figure 3) 1 meter high for entry and exit, which is the famous "door of humility" The moral is to bow your head and bow no matter how you are a beggar or the emperor comes here to worship the birthplace of Jesus. In fact, the small gate was kept as a temporary entrance to the church, which had been stoned to death after the Crusades occupied Bethlehem, for fear of destroying the holy site! The light and candles were dim as they entered the church. The main altar of the church is the end of the hall, and the altar is very rich and luxurious, with a series of quaint chandeliers hanging in the air (Fig. 4). On the right side of the main altar is a stone gate like the "gate of humility" that stoops down to the holy Christmas cave (also known as the Bethlehem Star Cave), which is the birthplace of Jesus in Matthew. Bethlehem's Star Cave (Figures 5, 6, 7) is narrow, curved and mysterious. It is only discovered from the next step that the Star Cave is very small, the length of the cave is 12.3m, the width of the cave is 3.15m. On the right side of the stone steps you can see a low, semicircular marble altar, the altar, the first half depicting the birth of Jesus after Maria's conception, and the second half with a satin ledge (which is replaced every Christmas). So you can see in my pictures of different years that the star of Bethlehem is surrounded by 15 long lamps from all the Christian parties around the star hole, and on the star of Bethlehem is in Latin engraved: "The Virgin Mary is born of Jesus Christ." This tiny place is the sacred corner that affects more than a billion believers! As for his birthday, which is today's Christmas, there are many opinions about it. It is said that in 386 the church united December 25 as Christmas Day. It is inconceivable that the AD Chronicle was confirmed in 528, and that the year of the birth of Jesus was designated as the first year of the AD, the date of the first birthday, The year after that is amazing. Orthodox Church has been calculating Christmas Day in the older Julian tradition, so Orthodox Church later set January 7 as Christmas Day!" is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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