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Heilong Pool

Heilong Pool

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"On the left side of the highway, you can see a smooth rock wall, which is natural and unmanual. You can see the rock wall leaning against the sky, which we call the Hundred Cliffs. Baizhang cliff flat, straight to the top of the proud. Stay in the cliff, raise four, heart opened. If catch the heavy rain, you can see the mountain Hongton, such as hanging the Yellow River, waterfall with cliff rock, three up and down, like the clouds dragon three present, momentum of the scale, its majestic, the most powerful. Everyone looked carefully and saw a gold nest in the middle of the cliff, said to be the place where the greedy people had stored gold, of course, now no longer stored gold, but also used to store what? Of course, mud. Let's look north again, that cliff is called the east of the cliff, one day the cave pool is called the black dragon pool, you can see the current is very rapid, water stone fighting, nest after pit formation pool, pool because the mouth small belly large as stone altar, and because the water as blue and named. Everyone saw the pavilion in the east called Xixi Shiting. In the north section of Baizhang Cliff called Baizhang Waterfall, it is the Taishan show water of the landmark landscape, is the most wonderful work of the Xixi water. The flow down, the four seasons, or big or small, or the song or the song, is a main vein of Taishan spring water. Whenever the rainy season, the West stream water, waterfalls wide, water rushing, like thunder, water mist layers, flying rainbow. Falls under another pool of the famous "old dragon nest" waterfall, roll out, first along the great slopes and down, rushing into the dragon pool. The red bridge you see is called Longevity Bridge, which is a landscape with Baizhang Cliff and Baizhang Waterfall Cliff. The Longevity Bridge was built by warlord Zhang Peirong in 1925. The reason for the red bridge is because of the surrounding green landscape, in order to avoid too monotonous color, It was red. Under the bridge is the Hundred zhang Waterfall Cliff, it is named because of the Hundred zhang Waterfall, it is actually a cross-section of stone beam, cliff edges round the hidden danger, there is a white line across the East and West, so we call it "Yinyang boundary", because this line is just above the edge of the Beizhang Waterfall Cliff, cross the boundary is the slope, The danger of slipping down Baizhang Waterfall is great, in order to prevent accidents, Mr. Feng Yuxiang in the Taishan when the north of the Yinyang boundary set up iron fence protection, was destroyed by the flood, the fence has been reset several times, but visitors friends still need to pay more attention."
Longshan Sceneic AreaNearby City

Longshan Sceneic Area

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Open from 7:30am-5:30pm (Local time)
"This winter, I saw enough of the ice waterfall, not only the ice waterfall of Mount Tai, but also the ice waterfall and glacier in and around Zibo. However, since the accident in Mount Tai on February 12, we chose to cool down for a while, thinking about waiting for people to digest the incident before considering the route to Mount Tai. Unexpectedly, we visited the Tongtian Valley of Jiulong Mountain in Laiwu on the 26th. After we came back happily, we heard bad news: on February 25th, the accident happened in Qinglong Mountain, Zichuan! A male traveler fell from a cliff over 10 meters away and was seriously injured. I have also been to Qinglong Mountain. That time was the Qinglong Mountain where the route was temporarily changed during the construction of the Butterfly Valley. Qinglongshan is a bit dangerous, but if all the precautions are done, it is also a short-term very exciting and enjoyable. However, we went to the right season. It should have been in September. I don’t remember it very clearly. Summarizing these outdoor experiences: In fact, it is very simple, that is, in winter, the ice and snow have not melted or the freezing period, you must not go to more precarious places, such as Qinglong Mountain, such as Knife Mountain. It is a wise choice to choose a place that is slightly more leisurely but can enjoy the ice waterfall and glacier."