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Things To Do in Taining

Dajin Lake
1,642 Reviews
攸声旅游Taining Dajin Lake, a unique water Danxia landform, Taining has rich geological and landform resources, the most famous is the water Danxia Dajin Lake. 🌇 Dajin Lake is located in the southeastern part of the middle section of Wuyi Mountains in the northwest of Fujian Province, about 15 kilometers away from Taining County. ❄️ Taining's travel distribution center, every day there is a tour bus to the surrounding scenic spots. It takes about 20 minutes to drive from Taining, and the fare is 8 yuan. When I got on the bus, the driver gave me his phone number and told me to call him when I returned. 🥰The tourism distribution center in Taining City has regulations. Guests who take their tour buses will pack and pick up. 🌸Unfortunately, I went during the off-season of tourism. In the afternoon, there may be no tourists to leave, and the bus will not leave, but as long as I call, I will specifically pick me up. 🤩 I heard this, I am really touched. The tourism service in Taining City is too well done, and I must help you to promote it. 👍🙊 Because it is a Danxia on the water, visiting the Great Golden Lake must be by boat. There are two kinds of boats in the scenic area, one is a cruise ship on the upper and lower levels, and the other is a yacht on the lower levels. It takes 4.5 hours for a cruise to go around, and the yacht is a deep tour, which takes 6 hours. When I arrived, the cruise ship just left, and the next one was the yacht. Hearing this news, I am quite regretful that I did not go out early and catch the boat at 9 o'clock 😭. Just then, there are donkey friends from Huizhou and a sister from Beijing who want to charter a boat, so a group of people from the north and south of the sky, gathered together to play. 🌹🌈Touring the Great Golden Lake is divided into two parts: water tour and ashore tour. 💯Among them, Ganlu Temple, Rock Gap Tianti and Wild Fun are the attractions on the shore. 🚢Dachibi, Shangqingxi, Putuoyan and Maoershan must visit from the water to see their scenery. The Danxia landform of Taining gives me a feeling that it really looks like ❗ Guilin's landscape is called "3 minutes like, 7 minutes imagine", but Taining is telling you straight, 👉 Nature wrote a "Xian" here, 🐼 There is a panda playing water, 🐈 Another cute cat is nibbling on the river, which is the best thing to do. ⚠️ Taining Dajinhu Tour Guide: 👉 Address: 💰 Ticket: 80 yuan, tour guide fee 8 yuan 🛥️ Ship ticket: Cruise 75-125 yuan in Taining County, Sanming City, Fujian Province; Yacht 95-145 Yuan 🏫 Open Time: 8:00-14:30🍁 Tour Time: 4.5 or 6 hours
Zhaixia Grand Canyon
835 Reviews
燃烧生命的小胖妞Zhaixia Grand Canyon is discovered in June 2004, located in the village of zhaixia 15 kilometers northwest of Taining County, Fujian Province, by the head and tail of three canyons connected, in a ring-shaped triangle, like a golden dragon in the mountains, so also known as the Golden Dragon Valley. It is also the first geological survey route that Taining built, which United Nations experts call "the model of the World Geopark".
Nine Dragon Pond
451 Reviews
Geological Sites
_We***97The ancients said that the day and night long, why not take a candle tour, to Taining, Kowloon Lake must be reported, in the boat night tour, listening to the boatman's explanation, watching the flowing colors, Danxia landform has a different travel experience.
Shangqing Rivulet
555 Reviews
Leesing小歆Taining's trip to Qingxi is one of the must-see attractions, 🏞 Here, 99 songs, 88 beach, turn a scene like a closed house, want a scene like a dream, will be a scene like a porridge, 🗾 one scene like a dead person. -About 2⃣️ hours of drifting, you can enjoy the most natural beauty. Some are like 🐯Tiger Town Mountain, some are like 🦚Peacocks open, some are like 👸🏻Lie in Guiju, some are like 👨🏻‍🦲Buddha..., it is really Danxia Stone Wall. - In the paddle boat, the boatman will also sing the mountain song 🎵 and explain the 🌿 of Shangqingxi. However, such enthusiasm needs to be built on 💰 money. The boatman will only start 🆓 free explanation, and then start to show the charge. I don't know what the charge standard is. Anyway, Xiao Xiao met a fee of 120 yuan / 6 people. -🏠 Attractions: Shangqingxi 💰 Tickets: Ticket 9⃣️ 5⃣️ Yuan ➕ Scenic Area Traffic 3⃣️ 5⃣️ Yuan, Group Purchase of each platform will be cheaper 📍 Location: Chongji Village, Northeast of Taining County 🈺️ Play Time: About 3⃣️ Hours - ⚠️ 6⃣️ Each frame, the full seat is issued ⚠️ rafting time is about two hours, No toilets in the middle
Nearby City
Shangshu Mansion
631 Reviews
Historical Architecture
617***30I saw it 23 years ago, and the impression is average. Looking back today, the surrounding area has changed tremendously, but the scenic spots are well maintained, quiet and elegant. It coincided with the weekend that I met many elementary and middle school students from surrounding schools to visit and lead the teachers to explain carefully. It has become the site of traditional cultural education, which is very good.
Number One Scholar Rock
83 Reviews
M46***10Shangqingxi, Jiulongtan and Zhuangyuanyan take the scenic car at a point, the tourists of Zhuangyuanyan are very few, tickets online to buy 20 yuan personally feel that the price/performance ratio is quite high, although climbing is a bit tired, but the scenery is quite good,

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Taining Travel Tips

About Taining

Taining County is located in northwest Fujian, to the southeast of the Shanling Mountains that branch off from the center of the Wuyi range. The Taining Global Geopark is the collective designation for all the county's danxia scenery (a red rock cliff landform unique to China). This comprises the scenic areas of Dajin Lake (“Big Golden Lake”), Baxian Cliff (“Eight Divinities Cliff”), Jinrao Mountain (“Gold-Rich Mountain”), and Taining Ancient City. Taining was once the military command center of China’s revolution and is one of China’s “Hundred Classic Red Tourist Areas.”

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Taining Weather

May 6, 2021
19 ~ 25
May 7, 2021
Moderate rain
19 / 25
May 8, 2021
Moderate rain
19 / 24
May 9, 2021
Moderate rain
19 / 27
May 10, 2021
Light rain
21 / 29
May 11, 2021
Light rain
21 / 32
Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Taining
May 6, 2021 Taining Weather:Overcast, Northeasterly Wind:0-10 kph, Humidity:95%, Sunrise/Sunset:05:30/18:46
Taining Travel:Suitable, Umbrella:Advised, UV Strength:Very Low

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Here are the best places to visit in Taining, including: Dajin Lake,Zhaixia Grand Canyon,Nine Dragon Pond
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