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Taishun Lounge Bridge
Taishun Covered Bridge Cultural Park is located in Tunxi Town, Taishun, Wenzhou, a national 4A-level tourist scenic spot and a non-legacy tourism classic scenic spot in Zhejiang Province. It is characterized by landscape leisure and vacation, red classic review and ecological leisure agriculture. The cultural park covers an area of 109 hectares and consists of three major blocks: the corridor bridge cultural display area, the traditional mountain village living area and the traditional commercial pedestrian street. The Beibei Bridge in the scenic area is praised by the bridge experts as the most beautiful bridge in the world. The bridge was built in the 13th year of Emperor Kangxi (AD 1674), with simple shape and exquisite structure. Beibu Bridge and the surrounding residential buildings are connected together, and a beautiful picture is formed with two thousand old trees in Qiaotou; In addition to the covered bridges and traditional houses, the traditional buildings of the Covered Bridge Cultural Park Gallery bridge, Lin Family Courtyard, 18th Bachelor's Site, Tang's Ancestral Hall, Ancient Road, Gujing and other cultural landscapes. From the aspects of politics, economy, culture, society and folk customs, the colorful traditional buildings reflect the basic characteristics of farming and settlement in the mountainous areas of southern Zhejiang during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Through the small bridge over the river, to the other side of the scenic spot, here is the traditional commercial pedestrian street. Pedestrian street has catering and local specialty products for sale at an affordable price. In addition to rich material cultural heritage and beautiful natural scenery, the scenic area also has the traditional Chinese wooden arch bridge construction skills (UNESCO "Intangible Cultural Heritage List of Human Needs to Protect"), and the puppet show (national non-state) Intangible cultural heritage such as material cultural heritage) and Chen Xiexin (provincial intangible cultural heritage). Quxi Town, where Gangqiao Cultural Park is located, is 105 km from Wenzhou City. Recommended by car
Taishun County is located in the south of Zhejiang Province and belongs to the world-famous Wenzhou City of Zhejiang Province. This evening we came to the Siqian Dai Township of Taishun County to prepare them to taste the authentic farmhouse food in the mountains. According to the data, the Yi people are the cultivating peoples in southern China. For more than a thousand years, the Yi people migrated from the original place of residence, Fenghuang Mountain, Chaozhou City, Guangdong Province, to Fujian, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Anhui and other provinces. Also in Guizhou and Sichuan, more than 90% live in the vast mountainous areas of Fujian and Zhejiang, and the rest are scattered in Jiangxi, Guangdong, Anhui and other provinces. The Yi people have their own language proverbs, belonging to the Sino-Tibetan language group Miao Yao language group, general Chinese, singing Songs, and Yangko is the source of Chaozhou songs. The representative of the Yi cuisine is definitely Umi rice. The Umi rice is made from the leaves of the wild plant eucalyptus on the mountain. After the stone is chopped, it is stored in a cloth bag, and the bag is placed in the iron shovel. The leeches soup, let it release the purple-black soup, then remove the leaf residue from the bag, soak the glutinous rice into the soup, and after a few hours, pick it up and put it in the raft to steam and serve. This dark-skinned glutinous rice doesn't look very good, but it is delicious and fragrant in the mouth, and it doesn't stick to the teeth. The original natural taste is really delicious. After dinner, the Yi friends who can sing and dance will continue to perform local special programs for everyone in the square in front of the restaurant.