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About Taizhou

Taizhou is a city in Zhejiang which is best known for Tiantai Mountain. It is a famous historical and cultural city near the sea. It is famous for its magnificent natural scenery and rich cultural landscape. Tiantai Mountain is the birthplace of the Tendai School of Buddhism. It is also one of the holy mountains of the South Sect of Chinese Taoism. The mountain is full of ancient temples and the whole scenery is as enchanting as a fairy tale. Linhai Ancient City already has more than 2,000 years of recorded history. At the mouth of the Ling River, the surprisingly well-preserved Eastern Jin-era-built city walls have spent centuries resisting the fierce forces of ocean and river. They have come to be called the "Great Wall of Southern China"

Popular Attractions in Taizhou

3,247 Reviews
Shenxianju is located in Baita Town, Xianju County. It contains almost all the essences of Xianju. Every mountain, river, cliff, cave, stone or peak has its own uniqueness, as if they are the bonsai scenery the gods have designed for their own mansion. Shenxianju is one of the classic large-scale volcanic rhyolite landforms in the world. Its landscape is rich and concentrated, with more than 100 scenic spots. The valley of Xiqiao is at the center and the peaks, cliffs, streams and waterfalls are formed around it. There are four large heavenly gates in the east, west, south and north. The heavenly gates are composed of two dangerous peaks that stand opposite each other, as if they are the hosts welcoming their guests.
Taizhou Qiongtai Xiangu Scenic Resort
2,356 Reviews
Taizhou Qiongtai Xiangu Scenic Resort of the Immortals is located 8 kilometers northwest of Tiantai County in Taizhou, Zhejiang. There are beautiful lakes and rivers in addition to gorgeous mountains. Here, you can walk along the precarious Lingyun Plank Road, see the unique formations of the mountain peaks, stroll along the Lingxi, and enjoy the strangely-stacked rocks in the rivers as well as the verdant valleys.
Tiantai Mountain Scenic Spot
530 Reviews
The Tiantai Mountain Scenic Spot is famous for being the cradle of the Tiantai Sect of Chinese Buddhism and also the home of the South Sect of Taoism. It is also the hometown of the Monk, Ji Gong. The Guoqing Temple on the mountain is famous nationwide. The Tiantai Mountain is well-known for its rocks, cliffs, and waterfalls. The masterpiece, Shiliang Waterfall is the most famous and its beautiful scenery has mesmerized many scholars and poets.
Taizhou Fucheng Cultural Tourism Zone
1,744 Reviews
Cultural Experiencial Area
Taizhou Fucheng Cultural Tourism Zone lies near the Jiangnan Great Wall at Linhai. The highlight of the tourist area is the Jiangnan Great Wall. In the mountains there are places of interest such as fortifications, the Chenghuang Temple, Qi Jiguang Memorial, and Puxian Temple. At night, you can climb the Great Wall and take a stroll along the open section by the river, while watching the reflection of the lights on the water, and calling to mind Taizhou's classical charm.


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Trip Moments

It is the originator of Taizhou cuisine, and it is also considered to be a restaurant with seafood in Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces. There are 4 branches in the store, and choose a Jiaojiang store that is closer to the hotel. It is said that another Linjiang is more awkward. The environment is relatively dark, and the service is still very well-trained. Serve, change the platter, change the towel, etc., a color or gesture will be taken for granted, and no additional service fees, This must be praised. Look at the white crab is the season must eat, ordered 2 only 2 ways, steamed and braised, it seems that steamed more appetizing, the sweet taste and seafood flavor I like, and very full, will be matched with vinegar But I am eating the original flavor. , originally wanted to order the pigeons, the crispy pigeons were first made, they saw it when they entered the door, but they sold out on the same day and only chose the chicken, half of them. Look, the skin is really crispy, the meat is still tender, half is just right, more can not eat, but still want to try the pigeon, remnant. Casserole fish head, said to be a signature dish for more than 20 years, the head of the fish head is garlic, the table is still sizzling, the casserole has good insulation effect, it tastes hot, the taste goes in. The natural taste is real and the fish head is very smooth. Gold crispy fish, oil can only fry such a golden color of the octopus and ms sucked oil, it tastes only crispy, the first fresh, super love, every piece of the sea city can eat About 30+ yuan. , radish or the radish, cut into small pieces, simple ingredients, not simple taste, can not be done by their own, so it is still in the store, the water is also very it is good. Look at the boiled sauerkraut, the pickled fish look at the tide version, the tide is only counted, it seems like 50 yuan, the small octopus after being beaten and massaged is the Q-shot, the sourness of the sauerkraut. Moderate, drink soup is also good hin. The short cicada is its scientific name. I remember that there is a special introduction to "China on the tip of the tongue". I don't know if there is a burning version. Now I am more and more fond of the original taste. , it is a must. Sand garlic - anemones, mollusks, chewy, add savory flavor. The bean noodles are also made of beans, which are similar to the thin noodles. The combination of the two is really delicious. Rose grain bag, the shell of the snow mountain bag, crispy; the grain is delicious than the five kernels anyway, it is hot and perfect. Snowflakes and taurs, but the cheese tower can't be drawn, it is also hot, very rich, and the meringue does have a level, but I like the latter more than the grain pack. There is a tea drink, and it varies according to the season. The hot day is a tea with a slightly sweet taste of 20 flavors. But some bite plum juice, partial acid type. Sometimes the fruit is red before the meal, the appetizer is small, and the homemade yogurt is delivered after the meal. Mid-Autumn Festival, the scene also sent Wuren moon cake
Posted: Sep 18, 2019
The little friend has also searched for a bakery. After we have swept several stores, we have arrived here. The number of steps should be more than 10k today. I thought that the bakery had a good sweep. I had eaten all kinds of bakeries. I didnt have any special treatment. When I saw that the door was really simple, there was no place for too bright eyes. There was a rolling and warming machine at the door, and there were egg tarts inside. . A look at the glass cabinet products, to tell the truth, the cream cake class I look good, some styles than ruby and simple, and are old models. However, the bread looks at this price, it feels that the price is 20 years ago, it is really cheap, it is a single digit, starting from 2 yuan, it is worthwhile to fly, then you have to try a few. I ate my five-star to the whole wheat bread, like the taste I had when I was in kindergarten. It is very difficult to find such a thing now, and the price is remembered to be super cheap, 7 yuan a. The bread tissue is soft and elastic, and the sweetness and milkiness are also moderate. Anyway, I like it very much. I didn't buy two more. The shelf life is about one week. It is still very good to eat the next day. Others are basically clouds. The special fragrant bread is a bit worse, but the price is really right, it is also 7 yuan for the whole family breakfast. There are also sauces and so on, I think it is okay, it is cheap. A large bag of bread == no more than 30 yuan, it is difficult to find in the magic ~!
Posted: Sep 16, 2019
The coffee shop will fight early, then the opposite ice shop will walk. I did not expect Taizhou net red shop quite a lot, 2 storey floor layout, net red shop deco, comparable to the cafe. There are only cute pet dogs in the store. On one wall, the big cows also brought a lot of flowers and really look good. The environment is very small and fresh. The rows of seats that can see the street view are very popular. They are full of people. The milk has the original taste and sweet taste. The original taste is chosen. It is OK to taste the milk. It is not strong and not suitable. It can also be used for the year, and the price is favorable. Mango snowflake ice, the snowflake is very delicate, thin, it feels good to the mouth, a touch of milk, not greasy. Above is a large piece of fresh mango, a few pieces also have a bit of acid, it is estimated to be related to the mango variety, it is still a good iced fruit with fruit, cold weather to eat more cool. Three hot pot ice, the production time is longer, using the reduced old Beijing fire boiler, pour dry ice, smoke smog, add value. There are Lok Fu Oatmeal, Oreo Debris and Almond Peanut Rice Cake. The small rice cake is not sticky and very elastic. It is quite crispy when eating almond slices. The ice is roughly the same as the mango snow, very delicate. . Also ordered a cup of passion fruit drink, sweeter, not special. I saw a lot of ice cream varieties. I can have a dessert when I come to sit down. Of course, I think that people who are lactose intolerant have come to eat so many ice products with dairy products.
Posted: Sep 16, 2019