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About Taizhou

Taizhou (泰州), in central Jiangsu Province, is a notable Chinese historical and cultural town with a history stretching back more than 2100 years. Innumerable cultural relics can be seen here, including ruins of the Longshan (龙山) Culture dating back more than 4000 years, ancient cultural relics from the late Neolithic period to the Shang and Zhou Dynasties, and the remains of the old salt-moving canals dug in the early Western Han period. Taizhou is also a city with a glorious tradition of revolutionary struggles.

Popular Attractions in Taizhou

Qin Lake National Wetland Park
3,394 Reviews
Boat Tour
Located in the northeastern outskirts of Taizhou City, the Qin Lake National Wetland Park contains a large lake and is traversed by a river, with reeds and other water plants covering the Park. You can take a walk on the boardwalk or a boat ride along the winding river. You can enjoy the loveliest wetland scenery as the sun sets in the west. In the park you can even see animals like the semi-aquatic Père David's deer (milu) and waterfowl. According to ancient legend, this area is the ancient homeland of the Père David's deer.
Fengcheng River Scenic Area
259 Reviews
Located in the center of Taizhou City, Jiangsu Province, Fengcheng River Scenic Area combines nature with culture and attracts visitors from around the world. On the Fengcheng riverside, the Wanghailou Building and its unique opera contribute to the city's great cultural wealth. This scenic area, with the Wanghailou Building at is center, is reminiscent of Taoyuan and its historic old streets. Built in Song Dynasty, innumerable scholars left their precious works in the Wanghailou Building.
Taizhou Old Street
549 Reviews
Featured Neighborhood
Located outside Taoyuan Scenic Area on the banks of Fengcheng River, Taizhou Old Street is paved with granite built during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. There are quadrangle dwellings, song and dance performances in the lanes and delicious food across the street. Along Taizhou Old Street are ancient buildings made of tiles. Taizhou Old Street is a lively. Under the development of Fengcheng River Administration Committee, it has become a popular commercial area in Taizhou. It is also an intangible cultural heritage area showing typical secular culture and life.
Meiyuan (Plum Garden) along Fengchanghe River
507 Reviews
City Park
Meiyuan (Plum Garden) along Fengchanghe River is home to tourist sites such as a square with a sitting statue of Mei Lanfang, a virtuoso perfomer of Peking Opera, an exhibition hall of historical records, a colonnade of Peking Opera, an antique-style opera stage, a rotunda in memorial of Mei Lanfang, and a waterside pavilion. In the exhibition hall, which has an oval-shaped plaza in front, can be seen numerous pictures showing and objects used by the maestro during his performances. Plum trees are everywhere in the park, and give off enchanting fragrance during early spring when they are in full bloom. The flowers are a thoughtful echo to the grand master's surname ("Mei", meaning plums in Chinese) and his moral rectitude just like the character of plum trees.

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Trip Moments

Shirley Zhu   
Living in Taizhou, Slow City Deep Breathing
Check-in Taizhou Country Garden Phoenix Hot Spring Hotel is located in the suburbs of Taizhou. It is typical of the dusty city and enjoys the prosperity and flowers. Taizhou is not big, we are self-driving, the location becomes less important, and the value of the hotel is the facilities and services of the hotel. The eco-wet-like exterior environment, the European-style palace-like gothic interiors marvelously form the Taizhou Country Garden. The hotel's high standard of catering and leisure, conference and leisure facilities are fully equipped, but the price is very close to the people, usually 300-400 can get a five-star experience.
The biggest highlight of the hotel is the outdoor outdoor area with a large outdoor hot spring area and a parent-child play area. Whether it is a tourist holiday or a business meeting, you can enjoy a quiet time outside the bustling countryside.
The lobby of the hotel includes the European-style luxury interiors in the public areas, which are comparable to the Venetian Macao, and the photo-loving sisters are blessed! The rooms are large in size, 70+ in the same grade five-star resort hotel, the bedding products are all international mainstream brands. Big, and good. There is a large area of hot spring watering area outdoors, as well as a slideway that is only available in the water park. Some rooms also have hot spring water access. It is hard to find a hot spring hotel in the winter long triangle area. At that time, you can consider it. Low-key Taizhou Country Garden.
has the most fashionable parent-child elements, full of child-friendly parent-child rooms, large outdoor parent-child rides, but because there are not many families who don't sell the parent-child hotel, the experience is very good.
Posted: Apr 29, 2019
Meiyuan has "four musts", Meiting is a must, and the second is Mei Lanfang's large-scale half-body white marble statue. The artistic image of Yang Taizhen's large white marble in "Tai Zhen Wai Chuan" is also called the third, fourth. It is a giant stone tablet. It is written by Mr. Zhao Puchu when he came to Thailand. I don't know Peking Opera, but his name is still very good, and he is the first person in the Chinese Danjiao Creative School. Everyone knows that he sings first-class, but he doesn't know. He also paints, and Qi Baishi is also a teacher and friend (Qi Baishi also likes his drama). Not only that, but his calligraphy skills are also very deep. If a foreign friend is a guest performer, it is estimated that there will be a lot of laughter. The picture above is Mei Lanfang's practice: the forty-eight style of evil spirits, and this is also due to his two shortcomings, one is that the scorpion is not loud, but the reaction is slow, no one is optimistic about him, and this stunned eyes he has practiced Ten years is the pigeons that fly out at home every day. All success is not achieved overnight, it depends on how much effort we have made. The beautiful scenery of Meiyuan is accompanied by the Fengcheng River, which is surrounded by water on three sides and has an elegant scenery. BY DJI 4PRO Meiyuan passed the road and went to Taoyuan. When I was preparing to enter the gate, I saw a young man pushing a relative who was inconvenient to play in Taoyuan. No one is right for you, only family. Taizhou Fengcheng Taoyuan, waiting for the coming season, holding your hand, passing season after season. Linhe is the Wanghai Tower, there are not many people in Taoyuan, you can quietly appreciate and walk slowly. Small bridge in Jiangnan town
Posted: Dec 19, 2018
The morning water, the water foreskin in the evening is the essence of the leisure life of the old Taizhou people. Folk eating habits, only Taizhou inherited the early tea, and stubbornly rooted in the folk, into the people's lives. Taizhou's morning tea is not only about eating, but also about the soft feelings.

Taizhou's morning begins with a slow chewing. At 8:30 in the morning, we walked into the ancient moon building on the old street, which was already a lively scene. People sitting around a table, chatting slowly and laughing, can always make me feel a little warm to people who rarely get up early.

Local people's morning tea pay attention to the three treasures, this Gu Yue Lou is said to be old, the business is quite good, so we got up early in the morning, the first floor of the entrance has been filled with people, the waiter took us on Second floor. The morning tea three treasures are: hot dried silk, fish noodle soup and crab yellow packets.

For more than a hundred years, Taizhou people have always regarded this "early tea three treasures" as the protagonist of breakfast. Several people get together, a cup of tea, a chopsticks, and then a laugh can be a morning.

We ordered tea, dried silk, steamed buns, sizzling and so on. After a while, the delicate teapot was on the table. Each pot of tea was different. There were Pu'er, Jin Junmei and so on.

Taizhou's morning tea is rich and varied, and the most traditional is one tea and three sides. A cup of tea, a hot silk is called a tea head, three points are buns, steamed dumplings and sizzling, one side is fish noodle soup.
Posted: Dec 18, 2018
Wuhu Wetland Park has excellent natural resources and diverse biological types. There are various precious national-level protected animals such as red-crowned cranes, elk, white swan and white pelicans.

There was no sign, and it began to rain again. I was going to hurry and go back, but my companions hoped to take a ride and shake the boat. After the tour guide contacted us, let us know that time is right. So we quickly stepped up and rushed to the dock.

The big sister of the ship is ready to meet us at the bow. The boatmen here are locals of the age chief. They will not only row, but also sing boat songs.

After we got on board, we started a wonderful journey. Compared with the previous paintings, we prefer to shake the boat, and there are similar experiences in other ancient towns in the south of the Yangtze River. But sitting in the wetland park, I am still the first time.

After a while, the waters in front of the lake have become wider. The lake is also called Xizi Lake. It is 1.4 kilometers long from east to west and 1.5 kilometers long from north to south. It is shaped like jade and covers an area of 2.1 square kilometers.

We sat on the boat and looked at the surrounding scenery, as if all the colors were plunged into the lake, I think that the beauty of Penghu is a quiet and mysterious place.

The boatman sang a boat song and turned to melodious. The tour guide told us that every spring, the millennium sky in the ancient town turned green and green, the red camellia on the camellia tree was blooming, and the weeping willows on the shore of the lake, when the soft wind boasted, the green waves were light and the catkins flew, such as The cloud is like a fog.

I have heard so much, I think maybe in the spring of next year, I will come to Taizhou again and have seen its autumn and winter!
Posted: Jan 1, 2019