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Things To Do in Takamatsu

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茱丽叶japan in a park. clean, quiet, peaceful. very well maintained park, great for a relaxing day.
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茱丽叶amazing place, despite the rain when I went there. need a ferry ride to get to the island. can spend a good day walking around and visiting the art exhibition. enjoy fresh udon noodles and take fun pictures .
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National Park
茱丽叶another nice natural experience in Takamatsu. to understand the real essence of this culture it is essential to visit this castle. what fascinated me the most is the contrast between old building and Japanese style garden and the new city with tall buildings in the background.
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M36***02Take the bus to the mountain and start hiking. If you want to walk all the observation decks in the north and south, it will take about 2-3 hours. At the southern end of the Kanayama Observatory is relatively hidden, almost missed. After walking down to the abandoned cable car station, there is a small path next to the public toilet on the left, which leads to Mount Guan.
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Modern Architecture
宫主爱The landmarks of Takamatsu Port are these two 8-meter-high colored columns, the works of Shinji Omagaki. From a distance, it is a colorful spiral cylinder. When you look closer, you will find many mirror-like metal surfaces. Through these metal surfaces, you can see that you are approaching step by step, while reflecting the port of Takamatsu. The blue sea surface makes the entire color column show more abundant colors.
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暝逝The concept of Siguo Village is similar to that of popular folk culture in China. It fully displays the rural life of a few years ago (rural love stories??). Compared with the noisy ancient towns, temples, palaces, etc., this quiet village is more capable. Relaxing travellers. At first glance, the first thing I thought of was Ninja Village... It should be because the assembly stage, huts, courtyards, suspension bridges, and kilns of Shikoku Village all created a stagnant old-time scenery.

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Takamatsu Hyogomachi Shopping StreetTakamatsu,Japan

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Michi-no-Eki KonanrakuyuTakamatsu,Japan

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Matsuhito, UtsumisanTakamatsu,Japan

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Many interesting activities will be held in Shikoku Japan to attract tourists every summer. Shikoku is the smallest city of Japan's four large islands. No matter And the Spirit of Sacrifice, Tokushima Apo Dance, or other diversified fireworks, all of them are worth experiencing! All the festivals listed in the list are important gatherings in the summer of Shikoku. If you are planning your summer vacation in Japan, visit Shikoku!
avtarTripBlog   Mar 2, 2020

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About Takamatsu

Located in the Sanctuary Plain, Takamatsu City is a port city. There are still many places of interest in the area, including the Yuzao Park, which was converted from the Gaosongcheng site, and the Lilin Park.

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I recommended Naoshima, Seagulls Parking Lot.

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