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Caofeidian Wetland Park
When we arrived at Caofeidian Wetland, it was the twilight time - the most beautiful time of the day. The largest coastal wetland in the north appears to be so quiet in the afterglow of the setting sun. The long wormwood sways in the evening breeze, and the flocks of birds flutter over the water, and the golden waters are dyed by the setting sun. The misty mist is filling the plank road through the wetland... "Cao Yudian" This moving name is also related to Li Shimin. Although the story is not the same, the general legend is that Tang Taizong Li Shimin led the army. I fell in love with a acquaintance named Cao Yu and accepted the latter as a scorpion. After Cao Yu died, the local people named the place "Cao Yudian". This coastal wetland covers a vast area with beautiful scenery and is also a good place for bird watching. Caofeidian is an important station for the migration of Australian to Siberian birds. There are more than 300 species of birds. Need special recommendation is that there is a "Golden Bear" golf course in Caofeidian Wetland! Yes, senior high fans should have already guessed that there is a stadium designed by Nick Rause, the famous golfer of the golf world! This standard 18-hole golf course overlooking the aerial view is an obvious Link style, from the famous "Golden Bear" handwriting, which is naturally an absolute championship-class venue, located in the wetlands. The environment is beautiful, the air is fresh, and with the careful design of Nicklaus, this stadium is naturally the love of the high fans in the Beijing-Tianjin-Tangshan region!
Qingshan Pass
As we all know, Shanhaiguan is the world's first customs, and Qingshan Guanshuimen, located in the northern part of Qianxi County, Tangshan, is the first gate of the Great Wall. Under the Daqing Mountain of Yanshan Branch, there are still the ruins of the Ming Great Wall in the same year and the Qingshanguan Fortress, which is still well preserved. A few hundred years ago, the squad of the town, Qi Jiguang, was stationed here. Today, the south gate of Qingshanguan Fortress still has three large characters engraved with "Qingshanguan" and the title is built in "Ming Wanli Twelve Years (1574) October, Jidan Creation" A few words. The interior of the castle has been renovated into a scenic area for sightseeing, leisure and accommodation. Of course, the architectural structure is still completely traditional. It is said that it is also very popular with film and television crews. There are many movies and TVs. Shoot here. The Great Wall of the Ming Dynasty, which was built when the Dashuai Town guards the border, still has the ruins of the wall, but you can still see from the thick wall tiles the majesty of the old road, along the ridge. On the top, it was the place where the Qingshanguan area was connected to the city wall. The years were like the shuttle, the time was over, the peaks were climbed, the peaks and the peaks were seen, and there was a sense of fierceness. corresponds to the majestic of Qingshanguan is the softness of Yamaguchi--although this scenic spot in the mountain village of Dawuli Township in the western part of Qian'an City, Tangshan is most attractive to me. The flowing water - the mountain leaves covered by the green pines and cypresses are green and the air is fresh. The trails along the mountain are up and down. The slope is not big, the water is on one side, and the birds on the other side are indeed one. A good place to relax and vacate.
There has always been a Jiangnan plot - a waterway that has been flowing for thousands of years, the sound of swaying, the construction of white walls and black tiles, ... every year on the spring of spring, I will reread Bai Juyis "Recalling Jiangnan", thinking about it. The place names of the clear words and customs are exactly what the scenery is at this time. And what I never thought was that in this northern Tangshan, I also "hidden" such a water town. When we arrived at the Canal Chinatown in the Fengnan District of Tangshan, it was already the beginning of the Hua Deng and this may be the most touching time in this northern water town. The tall arch bridge spans both sides; the wooden boat sails over the wide waterway, leaving a glimpse of it; on both sides of the canal, it is a Ming and Qing style archway, building, all the light that has been carefully designed to shine. . In the middle of the fascination, I actually felt a little bit in the sound of the sound of the Qinhuai River paddle in Nanjing Confucius Temple... When I was in the canal Chinatown, I was listening to the music ghost Fan Zongpeis "Water", though The inspiration for "Water" comes from the water town of Jiangnan, but it seems to complement the scenery here. The water towns and towns are common and elegant, and they are not afraid of fire, remove distracting thoughts, and have a quiet beauty. Although it is a newly built leisure scenic spot, it is not as beautiful as Qinhuai Bayan. However, the Canal Chinatown has its own history. This waterway was once the main channel for the transportation of coal from the Kailuan Mining Bureau, which was the first of its kind in China during the Qing Dynasty. It was also a prosperous time, and there were many shops along the way. Todays reconstruction is also considered Reproduce the bustling scene of the year.
Staying in a hotel called Paradise: Tangshan Shangri-La Tangshan Shangri-La Hotel is located in Fenghuang New Town in the north of Tangshan. It is relatively close to the old city. It is a peaceful and quiet air. It is the little green lung of Tangshan City, no matter the lobby or the guest room. The gym, the restaurant or the restaurant can enjoy the breathtaking scenery outside the window, and even a day in this atmosphere is a pleasure. Hotel Lobby: The best place to capture the outdoor scenery, the design is very modern and stylish, you can enjoy a beautiful afternoon tea Horizon Club: in general, diamond members and guests staying in Horizon Club and suites can Enjoy Horizon Club check-in treatment, Horizon Club breakfast, cocktails and snacks at 5pm-7pm daily, free drinks throughout the day, free ironing of one piece of clothing on the day of the stay and shoe shine service : High quality, heavy detail. In the ordinary room, the space of nearly 50 square meters is already large enough. The Garden View, Evian Mineral Water, L'Occitane Set, and Capsule Coffee are almost standard in all rooms of this hotel. Friends stayed in the theme family room, and specially designed children's products, children's toys and children's toilets for children. In short, the children are full of children. "Sweet" style cuisine: Shangri-La's cuisine must not be missed. The Chinese restaurant and the buffet restaurant are two main restaurants. In addition, the exquisite afternoon tea in the Lobby Lounge and the exquisite snacks in the Horizon Club are also worth trying. Fitness facilities: The gym is open 24 hours, including multi-purpose classrooms, aerobics studios and yoga practice rooms. The indoor pool and jacuzzi next door are also very high. Parent-child paradise: The hotel has a lollipop children's paradise, which is simply a parent-child holy place. If the family travels, the hotel can be played here for a long time. What are you playing around? Tangshan Nanhu Park: 6KM, 4A scenic spot, night view and light show is worth a look Tangshan Shadow Play Theme Park: Located next to Nanhu Park, the shadow-themed parent-child interactive park Tangshan City: distance 10KM, you can go to the Kailuan National Mine Park to experience the mine train, or you can go to the Tangshan Industrial Museum to learn about the history of the city. Price: about 600-800 yuan for ordinary room type
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