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Trip Moments

I took a sip of coffee and looked out from the room on the 10th floor of Shangri-La Hotel, Tangshan. It was a huge green park with a moist atmosphere in the air. It was rainy and rainy. Tangshan used an expensive oil. Spring rain greeted me. I spent the first day in Tangshan at the Shangri-La Hotel, Tangshan with a nearly extravagant and wasteful time. The Tangxiang in the Phoenix New Town in the north of Tangshan is near Tangshan Station. The tens of stories of buildings are almost the tallest building in the vicinity. Like all Shangri-La hotels, it has a fresh garden view and a highly accented lobby with a strong Asian culture. When I arrived, the fragrant coffee restaurant on the first floor was the theme of Japanese cuisine. Of course, Tangshan local, seafood and western dishes are also standard. Tangshan Shangri-La Hotel is undoubtedly satisfying me. This is a hotel with great attention to detail. Although it is new, the service is very prosperous. The beauty receptionist wearing a blue and white porcelain style dress is smiling. Awkward, words are kind; while in the 3rd floor pool and gym, you can sweat or jump into the water to soak up the tiredness of the day. As for the scenery outside the hotel window, the hotel's "backyard" area of the vast green park is undoubtedly the best place for morning walks, lawns, trees and winding paths, all interesting, first floor After the restaurant has used the meal, it is a circle around the garden. The leisurely and leisurely feeling of a leisurely vacation can not be imagined.
Kailuan Mine Park
Take the elevator first, then walk down a step like a light tunnel, you can reach the underground mine of the Kailuan National Mine Park, which is 60 meters deep. You can see the deep mines, equipment and work scenes of the year. Miner wax figure - although the lighting equipment has been undoubtedly much more than when it was still in production, the strong sense of depression and darkness is still lingering - a country's industrial road is by no means small A fresh and understatement, the miners who work hard on the ground every day are the most hardworking laborers.

Tangshan, the cradle of modern Chinese industry. Shown in the Kailuan National Mine Park is almost the entire history of modern Chinese industry. This ancient and huge national industrial road is here to start in the museum, you can see the earliest stocks of Chinas existence to date. Kaiping Mining Bureau's old stocks; China's first railroad track on the quasi-rail; the writing is neat and even called a beautiful sheepskin masked big account book... and Li Hongzhang and Tang Tingshu, the 19th century Westernization Movement The name, even in the first half of the twentieth century, can account for about 20% of the country's coal production, and its important position is evident.

The time is dark, the old and dark mine road has become a maze-like underground park. It is easy to get lost in the underground palace, which is easy to get lost in the underground, 60 meters underground, and even A 4D cinema and a cafe.
Kailuan Mine Park
The entire mine park can be said that Tangshan is even a miniature version of China's industrial history. With 140 years of mining history, the old factory buildings and industrial objects are in front of our eyes. It seems that we have not gone far in a hundred years. The former mine treasures have now turned into a cultural tourism base, including the main museum of the Kailuan Museum, the underground exploration tour, China's first best mine 1878, the power era 1906, the steam locomotive sightseeing park, the China Railway Source Museum and a series of exhibition halls and scenic spots.
Best is also a must-see route recommendation: Kailuan Museum - Underground Exploration - China Railway Source Museum - Steam Locomotive Sightseeing Park
underground Quest is a highlight of the entire mine park, located in the museum underground The 10-meter underground coal mine has been reconstructed from the old roadway. Wearing a miner's helmet and walking into a deep underground tunnel, a moldy smell, from the original digging of coal to the nine real working faces of modern coal mining, makes people really experience the difficulty and danger of mining. Another place that can't be missed is the Steam Locomotive Sightseeing Park, including the China Railway Source Museum, the Steam Locomotive Exhibition Hall, the Tangshan Old Railway Station (Reconstruction), the Restoration Dragon Locomotive, and the Tanggu Railway Scenic Overpass. Wait. From the "mine" to the China Railway Source Museum, the source of the Chinese railway is the Tang Dynasty Railway.
Address: 54 Xinhua East Road, Lunan District, Tangshan City
Chloe Yin
The 2016 Tangshan World Horticultural Exposition is attached to the Nanhu Ecological Park. The former industrial wasteland has become a beautiful scenery of the Great South Lake, and now it is the building and landscape of the world gardening and gardening.
In addition to the domestic parks, international parks and designer gardens that bring together natural scenery and folk customs, there is also an industrial creative park that combines Tangshan's local characteristics to promote sustainable development. For the first time in the history of the World Expo, a low-carbon living garden has been built. .

The Great South Lake of Phoenix Nirvana not only became the oxygen bar of the forest city, but also commemorated the hosting of the World Horticultural Exposition on this special day of the 40th anniversary of the Tangshan earthquake in 2016, becoming the first in China. Hosting the prefecture-level city of the World Horticultural Exposition.
There are four seasons in a year. Entering the plant style pavilion allows you to feel the warmth of the rainforest in winter. There is always a succulent plant in the desert plant pavilion that can smash your girl's heart. Designed with the concept of rich minerals in Tangshan, the venue has an area of 13,000 square meters and condenses 1,033 plants from all over the world. It has also given its dream theme, integrating landscape, science, leisure and scientific research into one.
Just like the World Garden Association advocates, to restore the ecological city and protect the environment, Tangshan adheres to the determination of sustainable development, transforms to a resource-based city, and stays in a fast-paced city for a long time, in the autumn of October, National Day Eight days long holiday, how to endure the pace of going out, people are small and fun, change Tangshan, waiting for you to discover its beauty.

In the International Park, the various flowers and flowers are eagerly awaited. It is a summer scene in the hot sun, a scene of spring, the International Park is designed with the theme of "Happy Every Day", creating a lot of participation. Romantic and practical modern horticultural landscape.

The International Park is divided into ten parks including the American Garden, the Italian Garden, the Hungarian Garden, the British Garden, the French Garden, the Swedish Garden, the German Garden, the Dutch Garden, the Korean Garden and the Japanese Garden.

Into the domestic park, it is instantly attracted to the magnificent Beijing Garden, and the carved pillars are full of Chinese flavor.

When Jiangnan Garden is mentioned, Suzhou is definitely the most representative place. The four major gardens in China are Hanzheng Garden, Lingering Garden, Summer Palace and Summer Resort. The Humble Administrators Garden has become a garden in Suzhou. Classically, in the Suzhou Garden, you can also see the epitome of the "Humble Administrator's Garden", the lotus pond, the promenade, the rockery, and the lotus flower that contains the cockroaches to be placed.

When I was about to leave, the familiar Wu Yu soft language was introduced into the ear. If I have time, I really want to sit down and "review the Kunqu Opera and listen to the evaluation bomb", as if I have returned to the heart of the city.