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About Tengchong

Jurisdictionally part of Yunnan Province, Tengchong (腾冲) lies at the southwestern edge of the province in western Baoshan (保山) City and is an important gateway from China to South Asia and Southeast Asia. Tengchong is known as a hometown of many overseas Chinese and as a jade distribution center. It is also a provincial capital of history and culture. Major tourist attractions in Tengchong include Volcano National Park, Dieshuihe (叠水河) Waterfall, Beihai (北海) Wetland Reserve, Guosheng (国殇) Cemetery, and the Former Residence of Ai Siqi (艾思奇).

Popular Attractions in Tengchong

Tengchong Thermal Sea Scenic Area
2,478 Reviews
Hot Spring
Hot Spring
You will see hot springs everywhere at Tengchong Thermal Sea Scenic Area. As soon as you come in, the “Hot Sea Giant Boiling Pot” - a round geothermal pool that can hard-boil eggs - will catch your eye. You will see many geyser vents as you make your way around the path that rings the inside of the park. The Yugu Hot Springs within the scenic area offer more than 20 open-air and semi-enclosed bathing pools. The Meinu Hot Springs offer multiple open-air bathing pools, cavern pools, and large swimming pools. Accommodation is available within the Tengchong Hot Sea Geothermal Scenic Area, where you can relax in a private hot spring in your room.
Heshun Ancient Town
2,260 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
Heshun Ancient Town was an important town along the Southwest Silk Road. Built surrounding a mountain, Ming- and Qing-era ancestral halls, memorial archways, and ancient residences are spread through the town. The town's main attractions include the Museum of Dianmian War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression, Zhongtian Temple, the Wanlouzi (“curved building”) residential complex, the Liu Ancestral Hall, and the Ai Siqi (20th-century philosopher and author) Memorial. The town offers a rich variety of snacks with distinctive local flavor. There are many inns available in the town, most reconstructed out of traditional residences. One of these is worth a night’s stay to experience the ancient town’s tranquility.
National Mausoleum
433 Reviews
Located at the foot of Laifeng Mountain, Tengchong City, Yunnan Province, the National Mausoleum sits at the side of the vigorous Dieshui River to commemorate the thousands of expeditionary army soldiers fighting against the Japanese invasion. The National Mausoleum was built in Tengchong City, Southwest China. Built in 1945, the National Mausoleum enables the Tengchong people to commemorate the martyrs of the 20th group of the Chinese expeditionary army. It is also a well-known cemetery for martyrs who fought the Japan invasion.
Angsana Spa, Tengchong
432 Reviews
Hot Spring
The Angsana Spa, Tengchong is located in a tranquil mountain valley in western Yunnan. It has both hot spring rooms and outdoor courtyard hot springs with separate baths. You enter the hot springs area through an aromatic corridor. The hot springs here are themed on various botanical essences. The open Angsana Spa provides guests with comfortable pleasure.

Tengchong Weather

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Trip Moments

[Winter in Yunnan, open the hot spring health journey]
Tengchong is one of China's three major geothermal areas, known as the world hot spring pilgrimage site. There are tens of thousands of hot springs in the hot springs. Every corner of Tengchong, the variety of hot springs and experience, is rare in the world. Tengchong has a folk saying from ancient times, "When you come, the car carries the crutches and carries the crutches, and when you walk, you are proud of your chest and feet." It is the magical effect of Tengchong Spa treatment. At present, Tengchong's hot spring experience has been simpled by past bathing, fumigation, etc. The service has developed into a combination of sightseeing, diet, and leisure.
Hot Springs The springs here are rich in silicic acid and carbonic acid.
Tai Chi Jin Tang, a few springs in the lotus hot springs are concentrated in the place, I saw this spring is really amazing, a color is really beautiful, the temperature is really high, when the sun meets steam, such as Fairy is like a dream. Forest hot springs, pure natural hot springs in the open air, hot springs dotted in the ancient wooden towering forest, full of winding paths and meditation, surrounded by rare vegetation and hot air, like a paradise on earth, rich in natural oxygen bar of negative oxygen ion forest, Enjoy more pure oxygen and beauty while you are in the bath.
It is strongly recommended to come to the hot spring in the morning and try the wonderful feeling of crossing the light~! Of course, if you like it, you can make a bubble with the Japanese habits at night when you come to the store. It is ok to make a bubble after breakfast.
Posted: Jan 18, 2019

Compared with other ancient towns, Heshun has less commercial atmosphere, more cultural charms, less excitement, more beauty and quiet, so come here, in addition to visiting the sights, you can completely unload the pressure, comfortable Stayed for a few days. There is no noise in the city here, only low-lying clouds, accompanied by green hills, quiet, long. Before coming, because I waited too long, I had a high expectation for it. Fortunately, everything is as beautiful as I thought. Strolling through the ancient town, the river is not far from the feet. As a water town, there must be wind, and the fine wind sweeps across the water, so that the river has a crow's feet, which is very interesting.

The whole ancient town is built on the mountain, living in the water, patchwork, and the houses are built around the mountains. The alleys are paved by bluestone slabs, criss-crossing, like the blood of a small town. Due to the rich geothermal resources of Tengchong, volcanic rocks can be seen everywhere. In the ancient towns, the vast majority of shops are selling jade, of course, you can also find stalls selling volcanic stones. The charm of Heshun is the ancient architecture and residences here, or the carved beams, or the blue-grey walls. Each building is like a beautiful piece of art. Most of the houses here are courtyard-style buildings, which are generally composed of basic elements such as the main house, the wing room, the hall, and the wall.

Harmony and smoothness everywhere, let me feel a simple and longing, this is the life I want.
Posted: Dec 16, 2018


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