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National Park
Ailaoshan Forest Tourist AreaNearby City

Ailaoshan Forest Tourist Area

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"National Park"
Open from 8:00am-5:00pm (Local time)
"The Ailao Mountain Ancient Tea-Horse Road Scenic Area in Xinping County, Yuxi City, Yunnan Province is located in the hinterland of Ailao Mountain, mainly concentrated in the primeval forests along the Shili River in Gasa Town. This ancient road is a section of the Nannan Avenue in ancient times and an important section of the "Tea and Salt Road" and the "Southern Silk Road" in ancient southern Yunnan. The well-known Yunnan tribute "Pu'er Tea" was carried out by this merchant, and the advanced culture, production technology and commodities of the inland were also continuously spread to all directions through this ancient post road. The relics of Qianjiazhai, Longmen Inn, and iron smelting furnace make people seem to be able to clearly see the long gone age and feel the prosperity of the old caravan post. The Xinping Tea Horse Road condensed the history of social development in Yunnan for nearly two thousand years, and interprets the journey stories of countless chieftains and envoys, dignitaries, literati pokers, merchant wanderers, soldiers and bandits, wars, natural disasters, and man-made disasters. It truly records the journeys of the people in the prison. The vicissitudes of life have changed. Nowadays, the running water of the Shili River is still rushing, and the crisp and long horse bells are long gone, leaving people with endless reverie and remembrance."