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Things To Do in Tengzhou

    Popular Hotels in Tengzhou

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    Hongdao ParkZaozhuang,China

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    Mozi WetlandZaozhuang,China

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    Yongganzhe Youxi Shuidan Cs Club (tengzhou'aoti)Zaozhuang,China

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    Longyin Mountain VillaZaozhuang,China

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    Lianqing Mountain Provincial Geology ParkZaozhuang,China

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    Fanglinsao Former ResidenceZaozhuang,China

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    Tengzhou Travel Tips

    About Tengzhou

    Tengzhou is situated in the south of Shandong province. The famous Chinese philosopher Mozi and the Zhou dynasty engineer Lu Ban were born here. During the Zhenguan era in the Tang dynasty (626-649), the brother of Emperor Taizong Li Yuanying was enfeoffed as Prince Teng. The prince subsequently built a famous pavilion called the Pavilion of Prince Teng. In addition to its rich history, Tengzhou is also known for its beautiful scenery. Major attractions include Weishan Lake Wetland Park, famous for its lotus flowers, and Xinyingtai Hot Springs Resort, a popular leisure destination.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are the best places to visit in Tengzhou, including: Weishan Wetland Park,New Yingtai Ecological Hot Spring Resort,Lianqing Mountain Provincial Geology Park
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