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Great Urban Parks in The Big Island (Hawaii island)

Hawaiʻi Volcanoes National Park
304 Reviews
The Big Island (Hawaii island)
41.9km from downtown
UNESCO World Heritage - Natural Sites
"Huge park that includes many different sights scattered over different scenes. You'll see areas that used to be active volcanoes."
Reasons to Recommend: Kilauea Volcano is one of the most active active volcanoes in the world and has never stopped erupting since 1983. The huge crater is like a cauldron, and the red and hot magma flows in the volcanic lake, as if the wound on the earth is cracked again, and blood flows out, which can be called a wonder in nature. The two most active volcanoes in the world, Mauna Loa and Kilauea, are also in this park, and the entire volcano park stretches from the top of Mauna Loa to the ocean. Here, you can hike trails through volcanic craters, scorching deserts and rainforests, as well as museums, petroglyphs, and walkable lava tunnels. Remains of the town's buildings destroyed by the crater can also be seen around the crater.
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Kekaha Kai State Park
4 Reviews
The Big Island (Hawaii island)
47.1km from downtown
City Parks
"This starts out paved but the road going in turns to unimproved single lane road. Take your time and you will get there."
Hapuna Beach State Park
17 Reviews
82.2km from downtown
Miss Lexus
"Catch the sunset on Hapuna Beach, Hapuna Beach is the most beautiful white sandy beach on the Big Island, with fine sand; it has also been repeatedly selected as one of the "Best Beaches in the World" by authoritative travel magazines in the United States"
Reasons to Recommend: Hapuna Beach is a white sand beach, which is one of the top ten famous beaches in the United States and is also a beach in Hawaii. The water here is very clean and clear blue. May to September is a good time for surfing, swimming and diving here. In addition, come here, you can enjoy the sun and relax in the park, taste local Hawaiian cuisine or enjoy the best spa on the Big Island.
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Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden
68 Reviews
The Big Island (Hawaii island)
66.7km from downtown
Botanical Gardens
"It is a lovely place and a tribute to the positive influence of the Greenwell family on the Big Island"
Reasons to Recommend: Located on the east side of the Big Island, the Botanical Garden is a species-rich nature reserve. There are more than 2,500 tropical plants from all over the world in the park, which is simply the epitome of tropical jungles, and the scenery is very spectacular. Entering the Arboretum, a 1-mile paved trail winds its way through the reserve, leading to various attractions in the Arboretum. This botanical garden is close to the beautiful bay. All the plants in the garden are marked with English names, Latin scientific names and names of the countries of origin. You can appreciate various tropical plants and learn about their characteristics.
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Akaka Falls State Park
19 Reviews
The Big Island (Hawaii island)
63.9km from downtown
"Akaka is the largest among many state parks in Hawaii. The waterfalls are well-known. The waterfalls are not wide and can’t be compared with the Huangguoshu Waterfalls in our fields. However, the range of descent is relatively large, which is quite spectacular."
Reasons to Recommend: Akaka Falls State Park, located in Hawaii, USA, is named after the Akaka Falls in the park. Wild orchids, bamboo forests and ferns grow in the park. Tourists can also admire Kahuna Falls, which is very beautiful with lush flowers and plants around the falls. Not far away is Akaka Falls, which is 442 feet high and hangs on the cliff like a huge water curtain. The crystal water droplets beat the stones in the pool below the waterfall from time to time, which is very rhythmic.
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Pu'uhonua O Honaunau National Historical Park
22 Reviews
The Big Island (Hawaii island)
29km from downtown
Historical Sites
National Parks
"The historical park is relatively large, and there are many things you can see about Native Hawaiians. There are a lot of plants, and you can see a beautiful sea view when you walk outside. The people here are also very enthusiastic"
Reasons to Recommend: The century-old Hornawu National Historical Park is located about 50 kilometers south of Kona International Airport. It is the sanctuary of ancient Hawaii and one of Hawaii's sacred historical sites. Walking through the park, you can follow the map to take a self-guided tour and enjoy the beauty of the park, including the large wall 3 meters high and 5 meters thick. When the weather is good, the stars are shining here, and you can watch the night view, which is a very romantic place.
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