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Things To Do in Tianchang

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_We***01Tianchang Red Water Bloom Lake Wetland Park is indeed an amazing place. If you want to unwind, smell fresh air and take a walk either with your loved ones or friends, this is the best spot to do it if you are living in Tianchang or will be visiting Tianchang in the future. It's wide and covers a large area wherein you can spend your family time together, play, relax, eat and enjoy talking while having fun at the same time. There are many trees, red flowers and green plants all around the park. Me and my husband just love this place very much that we always go there during our days off to fly a kite, take a walk and jog aroundm
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_We***28Beautiful lake, bridges and vegetation! well worth a visit. I only had one hour to explore but could easily have spent a few more hours enjoying this lovely area.
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吴立珍Tianchang Museum is located on Shiliang West Road in the center of the city. The cultural relics inside have strong local characteristics. Among them, Han Dynasty lacquerware is particularly prominent. In addition, it also has a number of high-grade jade, copper and iron treasures, reflecting the superb skills of the ancestors of the Tianchang Han Dynasty. Wisdom and amazing creativity.
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Amusement Park
M25***13Good value for money 130 two tickets suggest to go early and go directly to the inside to play the rainbow slide and kart. This is the big project inside. After playing, you go from inside to outside. After work, you will be off work at the hour. After 5 pm. After work, all the power will be cut off. Basically, there is no queue. Real-life cs is also fun. It is very suitable for children. Basically, children can play adults. It is not recommended. It is a little childish. There are very good parking in and outside the parking lot. It is recommended to visit parents.
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Historical Architecture
LaoTongLai'an County and Tianchang City, subordinates of Chuzhou, Anhui Province, are one of the base areas of the New Fourth Army. In the town of Banta in Lai’an, the New Fourth Army and the Wang Puppet Army had a battle to defend the half tower. Longgang Township, which is long in the past, was the former site of the Eighth Campus of the Anti-Japanese War. Memorial halls have been restored in both places. It is now the base of revolutionary traditional education.
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走遍天下XZSlender West Lake Scenic Area north, there is a far and near famous ancient temple, Daming Temple, inside more to see is "Pingshantang", bought a double "seven attractions" of the package ticket, parked, then pick up the steps, carefully tasted. It was really big inside, it took two hours to go shopping, and it was also used in Sulu Hall.

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Yuxing Yang Jie Tomb Stone CarvingChuzhou,China

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Thousand waterChuzhou,China

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Hongcaohu Wetland Park Amusement ParkChuzhou,China

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Daziran Huahui BaseChuzhou,China

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Tianzhangshi LibraryChuzhou,China

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Wogong TombChuzhou,China

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About Tianchang

Tianchang City is located in the east of Anhui Province. It is situated right in the Jiangsu-Anhui hinterland and has been called the “Great Eastern Gate of Anhui.” Tianchang is rich in produce and has been called a “land of plenty.” There are abundant tourism resources in Tianchang. Lush vegetation grows all around the Caomiao Mountain area and the air is clean and fresh. The area is home to many cultural artifacts, some of which are on a grand scale. The whole area is an ideal place for relaxing, vacationing, and taking it easy. Some famous attractions around Tianchang include Huguo Temple, Fushan Wolong Park, Hongcao Lake Wetland Park, and Riverfront Park.

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Here are the best places to visit in Tianchang, including: The Red Water Bloom Lake Wetland Park,Tianchang Museum,Kangda Bafenxiao Old Site
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