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Trip Moments

Tianmu Lake Hantian Spring & Spa
Soaking the hot springs and watching the snow, comfortable for a second is a second! ()

As one of the most important purposes of this trip, the bubble-field hot springs cannot be missed. The hot springs are not in one place with the hotel. They can be reached by shuttle bus from the hotel lobby, located on the hillside of Qinglong, a hill on the lakeside of the resort. The

hot spring is a very healthy way to care for the winter, so even in the winter when it snows, many people choose to go to the hot springs. It is a very enjoyable thing to enjoy the hot springs in the snow and ice. On the day we arrived, the Tianmu Lake Scenic Area opened the pattern of snow fluttering and sudden temperature drop, floating snowflakes and soaking hot springs, as if the four of us returned to Hokkaido. a feeling of.

The ridge is staggered with 44 themed open-air hot spring soup pools. The hot spring pools are respectively filled with soup to form a pool of different colors and different curative effects. People can't help but jump off each pool at first sight. Again.

Many people prefer to bathe at night, but in Hantian, the time during the day can be fully utilized. The soup pool on the top of the mountain faces the Tianmu Lake. It is both original and private, while enjoying the hot springs and enjoying the lake and mountains.

Tangchi is nestled in the bamboo forest, lying in the soup pool on the top of the mountain, surrounded by dense trees, the feeling of harmony between man and nature.

When you soak in warm spring water, exhaustion is exhausted, even in the snow and ice, still warm as ever.
Tianmu Lake Yushui Hot Spring
## is a national five-level scenic spot, the country's top ten popular hot springs, the first-class air quality, can directly drink the ecological clean water, it is difficult to imagine that in China's busiest Yangtze River Delta, there is such an ecological pure land .

10,000 mu of bamboo sea to create natural oxygen bar, chic landscape to create open-air hot springs, now with a private atmosphere, and the top of the bamboo tip hot springs, the former is very private, suitable for couples, one second through In Japan, the latter is a new development project with a broad vision and a clear view of the tea garden and the beautiful scenery.

Muyun bath bamboo sea, tea soup wine, and forget the peach waterfall.
Parent-child pool, private garden soup house, natural bamboo view health.

The most famous pool of Yushui Hot Spring is the following four kinds -
a. Jiaomeiren (Rose Wine Pool): It has the effect of nourishing and moisturizing, and the girl's favorite, so that the skin is smooth, nourishing and nourishing.
b. Yumei people (lily pool): Into the bubble can clear the fire and lungs, soothe the nerves, relieve nerve fatigue.
c. Sleeping Beauty (Lavender Pool): It is calm and balanced, relaxing physically and mentally, and relieving stress is excellent. Can also help sleep oh ~ ~ ~
d. Drunk Beauty (Beer Pool): As the name implies, it is a hot spring pool with alcohol. The protein and vitamins in beer are beneficial to cell regeneration, which is conducive to promoting blood circulation and lowering blood pressure. Both men and women love to soak, so people are especially more.

At present, Yushui Hot Springs is open to six major areas - bamboo tips, parent-child, nature, couples, feeding and movement.
About tickets: 218 (send 100 yuan secondary consumption credit)
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Tianmu Lake Hantian Spring & Spa
Tianmu Lake Hantian Spring & Spa