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Adam Yue
One of Vientiane's most fascinating tourist attractions, I have been to the Wanfo Park. Like its name, this park is located in the park on the outskirts of Vientiane. It is shaded by trees and decorated with countless Buddha statues. Walking through it, you can feel the rich Buddhist culture. In the park, there are different forms of Buddhism and Hindu gods. A series of Buddha statues are displayed here, each of which has a different form and is lifelike. The monk stood quietly and looked at the statue from the distance peacefully.
Posted: Dec 19, 2018
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Tianmu Lake Scenic Area
Tianmu Lake Landscape Park is the core scenic spot of Tianmu Lake in Xiangyang, Jiangsu Province. The landscape garden is the essence of Tianmu Lake's poetic Tiancheng. It has attractions such as Cixiao Cultural Park, Zhuangyuan Cultural District, Qishi Pavilion, Elven Country, Colorful Butterfly Valley and China Tea Island.
Tianmu Lake Landscape Park surrounded by mountains and waters, blue waves, islands scattered in the lake, the lake shore twists and turns, to win by the mountains around the water, water reflecting the mountains. On the boating lake, the mountain is full of water, Songtao is competing, the bird is flying, and you will enter the wonderful journey of dreaming wonderland.
Since I came to Tianmu Lake, how can I not taste the white tea here? Located in the scenic area of Tianmu Lake, the China Tea Island is a good place for everyone to come to enjoy tea.
Yangyang City has a long history of producing tea and is known as the tea town. With its excellent quality, Tianmu Lake White Tea won the Gold Medal of Shanghai International Tea Culture in 2004 and 2005, the First Prize of Jiangsu Luyu Cup, and the famous agricultural and sideline products of Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province. At the opening of the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, Tianmu Lake White Tea, produced from the Tianmu Lake in Fuyang, China, will be a showcase of the top ten famous teas at the Shanghai World Expo and become a special tea for the UN Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo.
Tianmu Lake
On weekends, my friends went to Changzhou Tianmu Lake to play. Tianmu Lake has been visited many times, but every time I feel that it is very beautiful, the landscape is picturesque, the scenery is picturesque, the air is fresh and full of green, it is suitable for life, and I cant help myself in my mind. I will come to live here one day, carefree and free.
Tianmu Lake is located in the historical city of Fuyang, the historic city of Jiangsu, at the junction of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui. It is known as the Jiangnan Pearl. The landscape garden is the core scenic spot of Tianmu Lake. The essence of poetic Tiancheng is natural scenery and artificial The embellishment complements each other, with attractions such as Cixiao Cultural Park, Zhuangyuan Cultural District, Qishi Pavilion, Elven Country, Colorful Butterfly Valley, and China Tea Island.
Tianmu Lake is surrounded by mountains and waters, and the waves are rippling. The islands in the lake are scattered and the lakes are winding and winding. The mountains and rivers and the waters reflect the mountains. On the boating lake, the mountain is full of water, Songtao is competing, the bird is flying, and you will enter the wonderful journey of dreaming wonderland.
Cruise is a classic project to visit Tianmu Lake, it is very enjoyable.
In addition to play, the head of the Tianmu Lake is definitely not to be missed. The taste is very delicious, and the Chinese geese on the tip of the tongue are the natural flavors that people who have lived in the city for a long time.
Tianmu Lake
The most beautiful season in Jiangnan is the early spring. The weather is getting warmer, the vegetation is sprouting, and there is a piece of emerald green everywhere. The next spring rain, everything is fresh and natural.
Jiangyang has a Tianmu Lake, which is famous. This is a quiet world, named after the Tianmai Mountain. Tianmu Lake is very large, with 300 square kilometers. The original name is Shahe Reservoir, no one knows. In 1992, it was renamed Tianmu Lake, and it has been famous since then.
The hills around Tianmu Lake are undulating, and the water vapor is abundant all year round, which is most suitable for tea growth. Every spring, at the end of March, it is the time for Jiangnan people to pick tea. They followed the season and crouched for a winter tea to produce the first sprout, which is the most tender spring flavor.
Yangyang White Tea is one of the famous Chinese teas. Whether it is altitude, temperature difference or moisture, it is suitable for the growth of this tea. Every spring, the Tianmu Lake Scenic Area also organizes themed tourism activities of picking tea or digging bamboo shoots.
We know that the name of Tianmu Lake Scenic Area is called Tianmu Lake Landscape Park. The water quality is clear, and the green trees are covered with bamboo all year round. The environment is excellent.
The boat tour is the most important way to visit. Take a boat from the pier to Longxing Island and walk along the tour boardwalk. The lakes and mountains in the south of the river have a panoramic view.
After the drizzle, the air is fresh, and the rolling hills in the distance are like ink paintings, full of poetry. The lake also produces delicious fish heads.
Tianmu Lake Hantian Spring & Spa
Soaking the hot springs and watching the snow, comfortable for a second is a second! ()

As one of the most important purposes of this trip, the bubble-field hot springs cannot be missed. The hot springs are not in one place with the hotel. They can be reached by shuttle bus from the hotel lobby, located on the hillside of Qinglong, a hill on the lakeside of the resort. The

hot spring is a very healthy way to care for the winter, so even in the winter when it snows, many people choose to go to the hot springs. It is a very enjoyable thing to enjoy the hot springs in the snow and ice. On the day we arrived, the Tianmu Lake Scenic Area opened the pattern of snow fluttering and sudden temperature drop, floating snowflakes and soaking hot springs, as if the four of us returned to Hokkaido. a feeling of.

The ridge is staggered with 44 themed open-air hot spring soup pools. The hot spring pools are respectively filled with soup to form a pool of different colors and different curative effects. People can't help but jump off each pool at first sight. Again.

Many people prefer to bathe at night, but in Hantian, the time during the day can be fully utilized. The soup pool on the top of the mountain faces the Tianmu Lake. It is both original and private, while enjoying the hot springs and enjoying the lake and mountains.

Tangchi is nestled in the bamboo forest, lying in the soup pool on the top of the mountain, surrounded by dense trees, the feeling of harmony between man and nature.

When you soak in warm spring water, exhaustion is exhausted, even in the snow and ice, still warm as ever.