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Maijishan Grottoes
When it comes to the artistic value of artistic achievement, the four major grottoes have their own merits and are indistinguishable. However, if you want to talk about the steepness of the grottoes, then the other three grottoes must give way to the Maiji Mountain Grottoes in Tianshui. This world cultural heritage grotto is not only easy to cut, but even close to appreciate it. Need some courage and courage. Maiji Mountain is as its name - a 142-meter-high lone peak rises from the ground, the mountain shape resembles a wheat stubble, the cliff is steep, such as a knife and axe, more than 200 caves and more than 10,000 clay sculptures And the murals of thousands of square meters were carved and molded on this cliff. Visitors want to see the true content of this exhibition called "Oriental Sculpture Art Gallery". They must follow the stacking path on the cliff to climb up the stairs. The stacking roads are stacked and intersected. People say that it is difficult to go to the sky. This is the path of the Maiji Mountain. Its not too much to let the road go. Ascending to the heights, the horizon is extremely wide, the peaks around the grottoes are covered with clouds, and the layers of forests are dyed. At the foot, it is the abyss, which makes people feel dizzy. People say that the West has always been proud of its ancient Greek ancient Roman and Renaissance famous sculptures. In fact, in the East, this "eastern smile" in the Maiji Mountain Grottoes can also be Its beautiful. The caves of Nirvana Cave, Thousand Buddha Gallery, Sanhua Building, Wanfo Hall, etc. all have very commendable statues. The caves of the Maiji Mountain Grottoes are basically distributed on the cliffs on both sides of the east and west. There are more than 140 west cliffs and more than 50 caves on the east cliff. The most striking statues on the East Cliff are three huge statues of Buddha and Bodhisattva. Tips: Although the Maiji Mountain Grottoes are the same as the Mogao Grottoes, the ticket is only 90 yuan, almost half of the Mogao Grottoes, and the price is very high. Maijishan Grottoes are about 30 kilometers away from Tianshui City. It takes 1 hour to drive. The city can take bus No.5 and No.34 to the terminal station Maijishan Parking Station and get off at mai. In addition to the grottoes in the mountainous area, there are also scenic spots such as Shimen and Xianren Cliff.
"Shantou Nanguo Temple, the water number of Beiliuquan. The old tree is empty, and the clear channel is passed down. The autumn flower is at the end of the dangerous stone, and the night view is on the side of the clock. It is sorrowful and the wind is stunned." I did not think that the trip to Tianshui in Gansu actually led me to see a place where the Du Fu Caotang still had cows - Nanguo Temple in Tianshui, Gansu Province. Poetry, write an average of one more day! The famous Du Fu Caotang in Chengdu, Shi Sheng Lao has lived for nearly four years, and his poetry has been written more than 240 times. Nanguo Temple was built in the Southern and Northern Dynasties and has a thousand years of history - please note that this is not the temple of Mr. Nan Guo. The word "Nan Guo" refers to the orientation, which means that it is located in the south of the city. Nanguo Temple is surrounded by water, carrying a quiet forest, a quiet environment, and a long history, but this temple is still far from the old trees in the courtyard, and the town temple wood is the "Nanshan Cooper" of the Intermediate Academy, about 2,500 years old - - 2500 years, this is an authentic Western Zhou tree! In 759 AD, in the chaos of Anshi, Du Fu dragged his family to avoid the war. He passed through Qinzhou in the middle of the road. It is todays Tianshui, and his nephew Duzo is also in Qinzhou. For three and a half months. There is a saying that "the country's unfortunate poet is lucky", the poor poet Du Fukong has a talent, but it is not a good time, a lifetime of depression can not say, but also drifting away, drifting around. In the guest days of Tianshui, Shi Sheng visited the mountains and rivers hereWen Si Quan Chung, and once he was filled with grief and indignation, he wrote the poems at an average speed of one day.