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Popular Attractions in Tianzhushan

Tianzhu Mountain
2,067 Reviews
Picturesque Tianzhu Mountain is a UNESCO global geopark that delights with its strangeness and uniqueness. Here, you can climb mountain peaks to enjoy looking out at Tianzhu Mountain, walk the astounding “Azure Dragon’s Back,” go see the “ancient village at a strategic pass,” or explore the Mystery Valley. You can also look out over the lovely Liandan Lake. Tianzhu Peak rises from the heights of Tianzhu Mountain. The “heavenly pillar” cannot be climbed and can only be viewed from a distance. However, mist hides the peak for nearly half the year, so whether you are able to see it will depend on your luck.
Tianzhu Mountain Grand Canyon
138 Reviews
Tianzhu Mountain Grand Canyon is adjacent to the main tourist area of Tianzhu Mountain in the middle of Huanshan Road in Tianzhu Mountain Scenic Area. You must go through it to get to the main scenic spot of Tianzhu Mountain. Tianzhu Grand Canyon scenic area has a panoramic view of all the mountains and valleys and is known widely as Jiuzhai Valley of East China. The total length of the gorge is about 3.5 kilometers (2.2 miles). The picturesque scenery consists of four theme areas: waterfalls, bamboo sea, gardens and lakes.
Tianzhu Peak
155 Reviews
Tianzhu Peak, Qianshan, Anqing, China
Houshan Sceneic Area
28 Reviews

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Trip Moments

Tianzhu Mountain Mountain Raiders Guide

Tianzhu Mountain, also known as Lushan is Anhui's abbreviation
Anhui Huangshan Jiuhuashan Anhui has never been missing the peak
spend an afternoon time climbing the day Zhushan
Although the fog is shrouded, the moment when Tianzhufeng appeared
the tens of thousands of steps on foot is worth it. This is a kind of mountaineering fun
Tianzhushan because its main peak is like "Qing The name of Tianyizhu is called "the first mountain of Jianghuai".

The entire Tianzhu Mountain includes seven scenic spots, the highest peak Tianzhu Peak, the mysterious valley known as "the first secret of granite", the total Guanzhai of Liuyuan Zhaizhai anti-yuan, the alpine lake of alpine lake, etc. .


Tianzhushan core view is divided into five major areas of Dongguan, Xiguan, Nanguan, Beiguan and Guanguan
, and there are Dongguanxiong, Xiguanxiu, The mystery of Nanguan, the north of the secluded, the total danger of blocking the apes. The main navigation route of
Tianzhu Mountain is divided into two parts: Xiguanguan Xiguan East Pass Insurance
Originally open, but in fact the essence of Tianzhu Mountain is in Xiguan (Mystery Valley, Tianzhu Peak)
And the East Gate is steep and there will be some casualties. Finally, there will be a choice of phased closures. (If you want to go, it is best to have someone to lead or do a good job of protection.)

Xiguan: Namdaemun-Day Frog Peak-Six Moon Snow - Zhenyigang - Elephant Trunk Stone - Tongtian Valley
total Guanzhai - Baibu Yunti like to stimulate the mountain climbing ability to choose this one because the hundred steps of the ladder is really steep
now the total Guanzhai - hundred steps The ladder is marked as a single line only under the
mystery valley-----Penglai Peak-Qinglongbei-Xiguanzhai-Lianhuafeng-Liandantai-Tianzhu Qingxue-Nandamen/ Hh/
peak season (March 16~1115): 150 yuan off-season (November 16~March 15): 110 yuan

[opening time
March 15th - November 15th 07
Posted: May 9, 2019