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Things To Do in Tongchuan

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    Fragrant HillsTongchuan,China

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    Fudihu Original Ecological Scenic ResortTongchuan,China

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    Yaozhou MuseumTongchuan,China

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    Meng Jiangnv TempleTongchuan,China

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    Yaowang HometownTongchuan,China

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    Yijun Hanzuo Titian Nongye Ecology MuseumTongchuan,China

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    Tongchuan Travel Tips

    About Tongchuan

    Tongchuan is located in Shaanxi Province, with the ancient city of Xi'an to its south and the Mausoleum of the Yellow Emperor and historic Yan'an to its north. Tongchuan itself is a model of the perfect integration of cultural and natural attractions. The famous Tang era physician Sun Simiao once secluded himself here, and Tang era calligraphist Liu Gongquan and Northern Song painter Fan Kuan were both born in Tongchuan. Tongchuan isn't just about human culture, though. The scenery is gorgeous, the summers cool, and the winters mild. In the wintertime here, you can even experience the spectacle of an ice and snow festival and the pleasures of a modern ski venue. Enjoy the fun of playing winter sports and seeing ice sculptures and ice lanterns.

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    Here are the best places to visit in Tongchuan, including: Fragrant Hills,Yaowang (The King of Medicine) Mountain,Yuhua Palace
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