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Tongchuan is located in Shaanxi Province, with the ancient city of Xi'an to its south and the Mausoleum of the Yellow Emperor and historic Yan'an to its north. Tongchuan itself is a model of the perfect integration of cultural and natural attractions. The famous Tang era physician Sun Simiao once secluded himself here, and Tang era calligraphist Liu Gongquan and Northern Song painter Fan Kuan were both born in Tongchuan. Tongchuan isn't just about human culture, though. The scenery is gorgeous, the summers cool, and the winters mild. In the wintertime here, you can even experience the spectacle of an ice and snow festival and the pleasures of a modern ski venue. Enjoy the fun of playing winter sports and seeing ice sculptures and ice lanterns.
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Things To Do in Tongchuan

Fragrant Hills
133 Reviews
Xiang Shan is located on the Northwestern side of the Liu Lin Yao Cun, 45 kilometers Northwest of Tong Chuan Yao Zhou City. It is comprised of the intersection of the Eastern, Western and Central peaks. The three peaks in this order resemble a brush rack pointed vertically at the heavens, and were also given the names, "Three Stone Mountain" or "Brush Rack Mountain." They became known as Xiang Shan or "Fragrant Hills" in the Qing Dynasty. The three peaks are surrounded by mountains revealing a lush green backdrop, refreshing to the senses.
Yaowang (The King of Medicine) Mountain
157 Reviews
Yaowang (The King of Medicine) Mountain is located in Yaozhou District, Tongchuan City, Shaanxi Province. It was called Qingyu Mountain during the Tang Dynasty, and Wutai Mountain after the Song Dynasty. Later, it was named after the fact that Sun Simao, the pharmacist of the Sui-Tang period famed as the “king of medicine,” retired here in his later years. It has been a center for later generations to commemorate Sun Simiao. Yaowang Mountain is surrounded by five peaks, and is home to numerous stone monuments and a beautiful scenery. It is a key cultural relic protection unit on the national level, and a scenic spot protection area on the provincial level.
Yuhua Palace
90 Reviews
Zhaojin International Ski Resort
172 Reviews
Outdoor skiing
Zhaojin International Ski Resort sits on the east side of Zhaojin, a noted revolutionary tourism town. It is close to Zhaojin Ranch and is divided into four main parts: the main skiing area, the ice and snow entertainment area, the leisure services area as well as the supporting facilities area. There are a number of ski trails in the resort, including advanced, intermediate, and practice trails as well as sledding trails. The transport system also incorporates the Magic Carpet, cable cars, practice tracks, primary tracks, high-grade tracks and single-lane tracks. Regardless of the way you choose to go, the tracks will lead to happiness.
The ancient town of Chenlu
65 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
The ancient town of Chenlu is located on a mountain peak in the Yintai District of Tongchuan City. It is named after its “Rows of Ceramic Furnaces.” Set among beautiful mountains and rivers, the ancient town of Chenlu has a long history of ceramic culture, which has accumulated a rich heritage. It is known as the “Ancient Town of Eastern Ceramics.” Ceramics making here has a history over 1400 years. The heydays of its ceramics industry occurred during the Northern Song Dynasty. The town is famous for firing green, white, black, and sauce glazed porcelain. Local porcelain products mainly consist of daily utensils such as bowls, plates, and stoves. There are also decors, religious objects, porcelain carvings, and so forth, which all have a variety of glaze colors.
Shanganbianzhaojingeminggenjudi Site
44 Reviews
Memorial Hall
CCP Historical Site

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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Tongchuan
Nov 26, 2020 Tongchuan Weather:Sunny, Northeasterly Wind:0-10 kph, Humidity:73%, Sunrise/Sunset:07:29/17:34
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