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Things To Do in Tongjiang

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Geological Sites
销售达人In the scenic area in my hometown, a group of 6 children and the elderly are free, but we two adults pay, which is quite impressive. I visited when I was a young man 20 years ago. I feel that it is better built now and it is very worth visiting; I stayed in Shuihe Town for one night and went to Guangwu Mountain, but the accommodation conditions were too bad. After paying for the 3 rooms, only one room was refunded, and I insisted on going home. The last one was taken on the window sill of the room.
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Memorial Hall
噼里啪啦[Value for money] Free and open, there are bus stops. [Interest] A good place to learn history, with detailed text and pictures. [Scenery] I can’t talk about it, but the memorial is well protected. The buildings are pretty good.
22 Reviews
_We***92The road is easier to walk, and the view is not bad, but it’s a bit colder and thicker when you take a sightseeing bus. The scenery is good, that is, there is no feeling of seeing the cave when there are few people walking. If there are few people, the guide will take us away. It will not be there for two hours, but there is no signal to enter.
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Geological Sites
福妹99Beautiful, the landscape is pure natural, the magical underground river can be enjoyed by boat. There is also a peculiar geological phenomenon called "Shing Quan Fei Yu", that is, "Calling Spring", super magic! ...And that group of billions of goose tubes, which is so spectacular. The crystal tubes are actually calcified stalactites. It's a superb view of the world! ! Moreover, the guides in Longhu Cave have a good service attitude and carefully explain them, which is worth a visit! A worthwhile trip!
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麻利贝贝哄The scenic spot is located 80 kilometers north of Tongjiang County. It is mainly dominated by karst cave landscapes. There are other auxiliary projects such as rafting outside the karst cave. The karst cave is very beautiful and equipped with professional lighting to bring out its beauty.
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M25***83The empty mountain in the natural oxygen bar is really beautiful, and you need to look around with your eyes of beauty. After staying in a big city for a long time, come to the empty mountain, where there is the fresh air you want to breathe, and the bird calls you want to hear; summer is your best place to escape the heat.

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Noshui River Longhu CaveBazhong,China

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River RaftingBazhong,China

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Tongjiangyin'er MuseumBazhong,China

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Ecology FarmBazhong,China

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Sichuan Kongshan National Forest ParkBazhong,China

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Loufang Cave Scenic AreaBazhong,China

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Here are the best places to visit in Tongjiang, including: Nuoshui River Scenic Area,Zhongfeng Cave,Red Fourth Army General Command Site Memorial Hall
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