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Things To Do in Tongling

144 Reviews
行跑者Very nice place, the combination of mountains and water, nature and humanities, Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism. You can visit for more than 3 hours, but it's a pity that a good deck of cards has been beaten up. A few suggestions: 1. The road signs are unclear and need to work hard. 2. You can develop some interesting things. Such as slides, grass slides, glass planks, CS and so on. 3. Improve service awareness. When arriving at the foot of the mountain before 5 o'clock, the minibus left work ahead of schedule 😅. 4. Advertise more, the popularity is too low. 5. The current situation, the price is too high, the price is not good.
48 Reviews
Historical Architecture
M46***39Had to give a good review of the views! Not only the views are good but the management is also very good! The bathroom is clean and there are toilet paper, running many scenic spots, this is the best management, and the service attitude is not to say, there is a place to rest after a hike up a mountain! There are 99 yuan tickets and 58 yuan copper plates, bought at the foot of the mountain, snacks are especially large!
68 Reviews
一雨一彩虹Wutong Flower Valley Scenic Area is located in Zhongming Town, Yi'an District, Tongling City. It is mainly composed of exquisite peony garden viewing garden, thousand acres of Fengdan garden, green plum garden, agricultural sightseeing experience base, Wutong Lake, Rose Island, Dajinshan and Xiaojin Mountain, and forest tunnels. It consists of rafting, plant mazes, fish in troubled waters and other projects. There are many projects, and friends who like flowers and plants can come to enjoy the flower scenery, but don’t forget to pay attention to the season.
389 Reviews
City Park
jackrockwellDuring the New Year, I was bored at home, looking for a few people to take the baby to go shopping. Tongling is small, but very chic, and there is no shortage of water on the Yangtze River. Tianjing Lake Park in the West Lake New Area, basically the development zone, the overall landscape is well built, there are many wedding photos of small scenes, auditorium and supporting restaurants.
12 Reviews
Amusement Park
pddyjThe happy world is full of joy, and the cartoon-like design concept is like entering the world of fairy tales. There are many amusement equipment in the park, some are thrilling and some are relaxed and happy. I feel a little uncomfortable because most of the projects need to queue up to play.
113 Reviews
Historical Site
无目的闲逛Tongling is a good place. Beautiful scenery. Local government propaganda is not strong enough. It should be possible to engage in several tourist attractions. Leisure resorts, tourist villas and so on. Attract Shanghainese.

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Tianmen MountainTongling,China

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Cuihu ParkTongling,China

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Xihuhuanle WorldTongling,China

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Tongling Yangtze River Bridge ParkTongling,China

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Ledaohaiyang WorldTongling,China

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Tianjingxiaozhen Sceneic AreaTongling,China

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About Tongling

Tongling (literally 'bronze hill') is situated in southern Anhui province on the south bank of the Yangtze River. It is a gateway to the world-famous destinations of Huangshan, Mount Jiuhua and Taiping Lake. The city has a long history – it is rich in mineral resources and is regarded as the birthplace of China's bronze-age culture. Today, visitors can explore the remains of bronze production sites and view a wide range of bronze age relics. The city also has several bronze statues. Nearby attractions include Tongguan Mountain, Wusong Mountain, Tianjing Lake, Luosi Mountain and Gexian Cave.

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Here are the best places to visit in Tongling, including: Fushan Mountain,Wutong Flower Valley,The Twelve Sceneries of Jiangnan in Yongquan
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