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Fenghuangshan Tongkuang Ruins

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Historical Site
Address: County Road 006, Tongling County, Tongling City

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Jinniu Cave is located in "Jinniu Mountain", Bianjiawan Village, Banqiao Town, Nanzhang County. It faces Yichang in the east and Shennongjia in the west. It is 100 kilometers away from Xiangfan City and 120 kilometers away from Yichang City. "Jinniu Cave" is a natural cave. According to textual research, the cave was formed more than tens of thousands of years and was formed by fission of the earth's crust. The cave has five sub-holes, a large cave surrounded by small caves, and the caves are connected. The length of the cave, the size of the scenic area, and the many scenic spots are rare in the province. It is only in Xiangfan and comparable to the Huanglong Cave in Wulingyuan, Hunan. The cave is formed by crustal fission. It has five sub-holes with a length of about 5188 meters. It is a three-dimensional spatial structure with a large four-story near-shore small eight-story on the far shore. The highest point is about 100 meters, and the widest point is about 50 meters. Steps, each step between 20 meters to 40 meters, the total area is about 10,000 square meters. There are a total of more than 200 scenic spots. The caves are mysterious and changeable: there are mountains in the caves, caves in the mountains, caves in the caves, water caves and dry caves are connected, the main cave and branch caves are interconnected, and the limit of life is challenged here. There are tens of thousands of strange stalactites in the cave, and the natural stone milk forms dozens of wonderful landscapes such as "Oriental Lion", "Monkey Fishing for the Moon", "Eagle Peeping at the Nest" and so on.   The first scenic spot is the Palace of Heaven, 150 meters long, 30 meters wide and 80 meters high. There are more than 30 scenic spots such as 10,000 horses of Yunmian, Optimus Prime, and Jiutianfei Waterfall; the second scenic spot is Baiju Hall, 400 meters long, 80 meters wide, and 100 meters high. There are Zhang Fei drums, Xiongshi Xiaotian, and Taurus. There are more than 70 scenic spots such as Guijie and Goshawk Peeping Nest;    The third scenic spot is Juxiantai, 150 meters long, 30 meters wide, and 70 meters high. There are more than 70 scenic spots such as Shuilian Cave, Jade Girl Flute, and Pagoda Peaks; The fourth scenic spot is Huixian Tower, which has more than 50 scenic spots such as seven wolves and monkey fishing for the moon; the fifth scenic spot has 70 scenic spots such as Shigu, Shigu, and Canghai Sangtian.   Jinniu Cave is famous for its "extraordinary, large, odd and dangerous". "Special" means that the scenic spot is special and the scenery is special. The largest spot is tens of meters high, and the smallest spot is only a few centimeters. There is the eye-catching "Wufengzhai" opposite the cave entrance, and the natural landscape "City Wall Rock" on the north side of the cave. Surrounded by beautiful mountains and green trees, "big", that is, the scenic area is large, each scenic area has a relatively wide venue that can accommodate 80,000 to 100,000 people, and the air in the cave is fresh, entering the cave, like a fairyland; Strange, that is, the scenic spots are peculiar. There are stalactites of different shapes on the roof, wall and ground. Some are like birds and beasts, some are like celebrities, some are like legends in mythology, and some are like allusions in history. It has a variety of poses, vividness, and everything it needs; dangerous, the scenic spots in the cave are scattered and the terrain is steep, overlooking the bottom of the cave, unfathomable. The fourth scenic area and the second scenic area can build a corridor in the cave, and there is a self-generating underground passage between the fifth scenic area and the second scenic area.      Jinniu Cave As early as a thousand years ago, the "Wu Di Ji" of the Tang Dynasty recorded the folk tale of the brothers who died in the cave in search of a golden bull, which has profound meaning and is widely praised. Jinniu Cave is one of the earliest historical sites discovered in the Nanbei Lake Scenic Area. There are many records of historical sites here, such as the gathering of soldiers in the yellow chaos, the people avoiding captives, and the inscriptions on tablets in the Qing Dynasty.

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