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About Tonglu

Tonglu (桐庐), jurisdictionally part of Hangzhou in Zhejiang Province, lies midway along the Qiantang (钱塘) River at the heart of the Fuchun (富春) River–Xin’an (新安) River tourist belt, a national scenic tourist area. Tonglu, with its long history and rich cultural heritage, has been described as “a land of talented spirits and a place of unrestrained natural grace.” Famous attractions here include Yaolin (瑶琳) Fairyland, the Yan Ziling (严子陵) Fishing Platform, the Chuiyun Tongtian (垂云通天) River Scenic Area, and the Daqishan (大奇山) National Forest Park, all of which are very worth a visit.

Popular Attractions in Tonglu

Chuiyun Tongtian River Scenic Area
3,576 Reviews
Geological Sites
Chuiyun Tongtian River Scenic Area is located in Tonglu, Hangzhou. It is a magical cave with underground rivers. The scenic area is divided into two parts: "Dark River Rowing" and "Great Canyon Underground Exploration". The first is a boat ride on the underground river. The latter is walking in the cave. Drifting in a small boat is more fun compared to other caves, and is a complete experience for the senses.
Yaolin Fairyland
2,973 Reviews
Geological Sites
Yaolin Fairyland is a vast limestone cave complex in Hangzhou, which, because of its wondrous landforms and magnificent rock formations enjoys the reputation of being one of China’s greatest caves. Within the cave lies a trove of amazing stalactites, stone pillars and stalagmites beyond counting. The beauty of the cave and the rich imagination of humanity, coupled with fantastical colored lights, have transformed this hundreds of millions of years' old natural masterpiece into an even greater work of art. When visitors enter the cave, they will have been transported to a wondrous fairyland where the structures are the creations of elves or dwarfs.
Daqishan National Forest Park
2,578 Reviews
The Daqishan National Forest Park is located in the southeast of Tonglu, 7 kilometers from the downtown. Compared to mountains and peaks in other cities, the scenery of Daqi Mountain is much more exquisite. In addition to the dense trees in the forest, there are many waterfalls and streams varying in size, and the fresh air makes it a perfect place for recreation. The Barbizon Vacation Resort near Daqi Mountain not only has entertainment facilities for go-karting and grass skiing, but also a lavender field. Many guests choose to spend the night here.
Yalu Raft Drifting Resort
853 Reviews
Yalu Raft Drifting Resort changes traditional raft drifting. The vast landscape, wide-ranging water typology, and tremendous water volume requires enthusiasts to drift on professional double kayaks to navigate through all the twisted rivers, experiencing fantastic river banks and rapids. It enables drifters to feel like they're jumping between crests and troughs, for an exciting water experience.

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Tonglu Weather

Aug 4, 2020
25 °
Aug 5, 2020
Moderate Rain
Aug 6, 2020
Aug 7, 2020

Trip Moments

Into the poetry painting Tonglu, there is a kind of quiet beauty, in the morning, awakened by the birdsong, the whole street exudes the sweet-scented osmanthus, walk a few minutes to the Chongyun Tongtian River to play, what are the fun? 1, , release the pressure of the past, with a screaming decibel gradually rising, the fountain jumped from the Congyun Lake to the sky, the louder the time, the higher the fountain. 2, net red bird nest, walk on the wooden path, enjoy the blue sky and clear water, pass through the valley of love, continue to travel to see the nest in the jungle, where the bird's nest has three different shapes, continue to move forward, along the road It can be seen that the player drifts down from the 360-degree rotating glass. 3, Angel Wing, walk to the height of the boardwalk is the wing of the net red angel, the angel wings are colorful, is designed by the famous designer Colette Miller and completed on the spot, to find the feeling of flying here. 4, Lingyun Flyover, looking up from the wing of angels, the glass bridge over the sky, full length of more than 300 meters, 150 meters high, put on the shoe cover to board the glass bridge, the view of the clouds and the sky The colorful roof villages are hazy and take pictures. 5, underground dark river boating adventure, karst underground dark river full length 4.5 kilometers, river channel drop 380 meters, underground cave boat cruise, underground dark river boat view, is the biggest core attraction, hundreds of millions of years ago The crater landscape formed by crustal changes and volcanic eruptions, various stalagmites, stone flowers, stalactites, stone dams, stone curtains, stone waterfalls, stone clouds, etc. are all in the cave, which makes people stunned as the "first underground river." 6, underground Grand Canyon, with safety helmet and disposable headgear, the low point of the canyon needs to bend over, the canyon does not explain, the karst karst landform, the narrow and curved canyon, appreciate the stalactite formed in the canyon for hundreds of millions of years, explore The mystery of the thousand-year history of accumulation, the canyon is humid and cool. 7, volley drift, transparent glass water slide for high-altitude suspension, full length 1350 meters, head and tail height drop of 120 meters, put on a raincoat and sit on a kayak, from the highest point of the valley, after 360 degrees of rotation down the mountain . 8, Tonglu cuisine, Tiantiantong Tianhe, there are fresh fruits and vegetables sold in the morning market, as well as fish and shrimp snacks, breakfast to buy Tongzi biscuits or pancakes, lunch can be in the roadside shop, eat fish and farmhouse dishes . TIPS, Cangyun Tongtianhe Address is in Donglin Village, Yaolin Town, Tonglu County, Hangzhou, open time, 08
Posted: Sep 29, 2019
This glass bridge was just opened this summer. The bridge surface is particularly transparent. In short, it is very exciting! In order to protect the transparency of the glass bridge deck, the upper bridge is required to wear the provided slippers. In the screams of my friends, I walked up and down! ! It is indeed a new bridge. There is almost no scratches in the clean glass. The scenery below can be seen clearly. Here you can also see the good scenery in the distance, and you can see the spring clearly. However, it's really scary! ! It is really the feeling of walking in the air. Come here! Still have to take a few more photos, or how to show off my cool bridge. If you want to reflect the characteristics of the glass bridge, it is recommended to kneel down and shoot, with the reflection of the glass, you can get the reflection effect, and can effectively block the other tourists behind, can be said to kill two birds with one stone. You see, it's really new and clean, and the clouds in the sky are very clear. When I first started, I felt that there was nothing. When I walked to the middle of the fast, because the gap with the ground became very large, the naked eye saw the deep forest of the soles of the feet, which really made the heart beat faster and more exciting. In addition, you should be reminded that you need to wear protective slippers on the bridge. You can temporarily take off when taking pictures, but try not to walk barefoot on the bridge, or a little dangerous ~ Put a drone on the glass bridge, you can see that it is really transparent! From the glass bridge, there is an angel wing on the other side of the path. Please invite the American graffiti designer Colette Miller to design (the signature in the lower right corner!), this designer is very famous. I once painted the red angel wings of Los Angeles and Dubai. Many ins nets are rushing to punch the cards. This time the angel wings come to Tonglu, I must remember to take photos with it! In addition to the front angle, the side shot is also very good.
Posted: Sep 6, 2019