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As an important part of the Fuchun River-Xin'an River-Thousand Island Lake National Scenic Area, the scenic spot is characterized by Shanqing, Shuiqing, Shiyou, and Yuyou, and is known as the Little Three Gorges in tourism. Jiandes Qi Li Yang Fan consists of two sections, Ziling and Ziyu, with beautiful scenery. The boat is sailing on the waterway known for its "Fuchun Mountain Residence". The Qingshan Canyon on both sides of the river is picturesque, and many humanities and historical sites are dotted around it, which makes people feel a bit "people in the middle of the painting". The boarding place of Qili Yangfan is divided into two terminals, Gantan and Meicheng. Under normal circumstances, 10
Posted: Mar 13, 2019
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Rapid Adventure Rafting in Huxiao Gorge
In the blink of an eye, I went to the hot summer day. During the Dragon Boat Festival holiday last week, I went to Tonglu Huxiaoxia with friends to have a drift, which was exciting and cool. There were still several places on the way to play with water and water. It is the most suitable project for summer play. Let me introduce it to you.
Actually, why did I go to Huxiaoxia, I also saw these keywords, "10 km long strange canyon", "more than 260 meters high drifting", "more than 50,000 square meters of water", simply It is very exciting to look at these.
Huxiaoxia Drifting is located in the town of Caodu, Tonglu, Zhejiang. It is located in a mountain forest valley surrounded by green trees. The environment and air are very good. It is the appearance of nature that many people like because it is next to a hydropower station. Therefore, there is plenty of water here, which is one of the best places to go drifting in Zhejiang and even the Yangtze River Delta. The drifting of
is 10 kilometers long, and the time that can be played is also relatively long in the drifting. Because the canyon is deep, thrilling, and the sound is like a tiger, it is named Huxiaoxia. The whole drift time is probably About one and a half hours or so, if you play with water in the middle, it will take 2-3 hours to drift.
1, Huxiaoxia tickets 180 yuan, the purchase of tickets on the network are basically 170 yuan, if it is a group ticket, it will be cheaper, 140 yuan.
2, if you want to take pictures, the best shooting equipment should be go pro, the phone can use waterproof bag, but the shooting is not convenient, and there is danger of water entering.
3, Tonglu is not far from Qiandao Lake. If you have enough time, you can consider a line to play, and the high-speed rail also has direct access.
Chuiyun Tongtian River Scenic Area
This glass bridge was just opened this summer. The bridge surface is particularly transparent. In short, it is very exciting!
In order to protect the transparency of the glass bridge deck, the upper bridge is required to wear the provided slippers. In the screams of my friends, I walked up and down! ! It is indeed a new bridge. There is almost no scratches in the clean glass. The scenery below can be seen clearly. Here you can also see the good scenery in the distance, and you can see the spring clearly.
However, it's really scary! ! It is really the feeling of walking in the air.
Come here! Still have to take a few more photos, or how to show off my cool bridge.
If you want to reflect the characteristics of the glass bridge, it is recommended to kneel down and shoot, with the reflection of the glass, you can get the reflection effect, and can effectively block the other tourists behind, can be said to kill two birds with one stone.
You see, it's really new and clean, and the clouds in the sky are very clear. When I first started, I felt that there was nothing. When I walked to the middle of the fast, because the gap with the ground became very large, the naked eye saw the deep forest of the soles of the feet, which really made the heart beat faster and more exciting.
In addition, you should be reminded that you need to wear protective slippers on the bridge. You can temporarily take off when taking pictures, but try not to walk barefoot on the bridge, or a little dangerous ~
Put a drone on the glass bridge, you can see that it is really transparent!
From the glass bridge, there is an angel wing on the other side of the path. Please invite the American graffiti designer Colette Miller to design (the signature in the lower right corner!), this designer is very famous. I once painted the red angel wings of Los Angeles and Dubai. Many ins nets are rushing to punch the cards. This time the angel wings come to Tonglu, I must remember to take photos with it!
In addition to the front angle, the side shot is also very good.
Hongshi Bay Scenic Area
Located next to Tianmu River, Hongshiwan has always been a water and land traffic fortress in northwestern Zhejiang. On the land, it has entered the Zhejiang Province since the south, and there is a cross-section of Chizhou Ridge, which has become the gateway to the northwest of Zhejiang. The water originates from the Tianmu Mountain in Linan, and it is named after the Tianmu River.
Hongshiwan is known for its beach dangers, rapids, reefs and cliffs. It is known as the first danger on Tianmu River.
Some folks said: "The boat passes through the Red Rock Cave, and the banknotes are useful." Although the water flow in Hongshi Bay is urgent, in the ancient times of "South Ship North Horse", it is still a thousand sails. flow.
At the same time, it is also a hit place for historical celebrities. Liu Xiu has avoided it here. Qian Wang has chosen salt here. Tang Xianzu wrote poems here. Xu Xiake has left a footprint here, historical atmosphere and The natural scenery is equally important, and it is especially fascinating.
Of course, with the development of the times, Hongshiwan has lost its original gateway role, but has become a comprehensive leisure resort integrating leisure, vacation, sightseeing, amusement and expansion. It is divided into seven functional blocks: Shenjiatun Farmhouse, Tongxi Fuhe Road Tourist Area, Dazhouyu Pastoral Scenery Area, Longyindong House Exploration Area, Farmhouse Leisure Activity Area, Deep Mountain Fruit Tree Ornamental Area and Outward Training Base.