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Xiling Imprinting CorporationNearby City

Xiling Imprinting Corporation

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Open from 9:00am-5:00pm (Local time)
"In 1904, he was founded by the same person as the Zhejiang group, the enkeke (the enkeke) of the Zhejiang school, Wang Fu, Wu Zheng, and Ye Wei Ming, and Wu Changshu became the first president. The purpose of "preserve the stone, study the printing, and calligraphy and painting" is the oldest, the highest achievement, the most influential international research on the printing, painting and calligraphy folk art groups, has the reputation of "the world first society". The site is located in Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, west of the West Lake scenic area, south of Gushan, east to Baidi, west of Xiqiao, north of West Lake, south of West Lake. The area covers 7090 square meters, the building area is 1750 square meters. Although there is no traditional vertical and horizontal structure, but pavilions are all due to the mountain range and fall, one layer after another, well-ordered, is called the best work of the south garden. The main buildings are Baitang, Zhuge, Yangxian Pavilion, also simple and Jingxuan, all hanging shawls, outside cliff chisel stone forest, famous ink. The built-in China Ink Museum, collection of 6,000 paintings and seals of successive generations. In 1961, the seal was recognized as the key cultural relics protection unit of Zhejiang Province by the people's government of Zhejiang Province. In 1979, the seal was approved by the state as a formal publishing unit. In 1999, the Chinese Indo-learning Museum, which was set up by the seal company, was officially opened to the public. It was designated as a national important cultural relics protection unit in 2001. In 2009, the "Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage", declared by Xiyao Imprinting Corporation, was successfully selected as UNESCO's "Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humankind". In November 2019, the "List of Representative Project Protecting Units for Intangible Cultural Heritage at the National Level" was published. Xiyue Printing Corporation's Council has been qualified as a project protection unit."