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Nature Reserve
Longwang MountainNearby City

Longwang Mountain

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"Nature Reserve"
"Anji Autumn | Spitting blood to organize the autumn attractions quickly collect - the last trace of heat in the mountains is slowly disappearing until the trees are autumn color, the mountains are only falling, bring a small partner to come to Anji Autumn View is good? -The best autumn time November mid-November Mid-South Baicao Garden October mid-October Zimei Mountain Villa October mid-October Yunshan Grassland October mid-October Jiangnan Tianchi October late-December Mid-December Meixi Zimei Mountain Villa October end-December Lingfeng Temple December end-December end-December end-December end-December end-December end-December end-December end-December end-December end-December end-December end- Yucun mid November and mid December Hengtang Metasequoia Avenue at the end of November and the end of December specific autumn time is subject to actual seeing - how to get to the high-speed rail: Anji Station self-driving: direct navigation destination - Autumn Guide Lingfeng Temple: a temple located in the bamboo forest can eat here once Feel the quiet of the temple. Nearby Meiling Road is one of the most beautiful roads in Anji. Autumn is covered with deciduous leaves. It is very suitable for taking pictures of the southern Tianchi in the Yangtze River. Every late autumn time, the mountains on both sides of the Panshan Road are really beautiful. From green to yellow to red, it is like God overturning the paint plate like Meixi Zishan Villa: The autumnal villas are a great area, the scenery is natural, the red forest overlooks the sky, and the picnic is a hot red one. The Metasequoia Avenue is a picnic in Hengtang. The leaves and branches falling with the wind and the fruits on the branches looming, wonderful ~ Anji Yucun: In Yucun, you can see the ginkgoes falling with the wind, the quaint villages, and the beauty is like an oil painting. The dragon king mountain scenic spot: In the sun, stepping on the fallen mountain road will make a crisp sound. As the wind shuttles between the mountains ~ Cloud grasslands: On the grasslands, look out, you can overlook the bright autumn colors between the mountains, and there are many high-altitude projects waiting for you to challenge the Zhongnan Baicao Garden: Every maple leaf turns red in the late autumn maple leaf garden is super beautiful, there are amusement parks, Zoo and botanical gardens Mulianwu: the households here basically have oranges, once the autumn red oranges are covered with branches, you can pick oranges to eat oysters, sweet ~ Jianshan Wetland Park: there are a lot of reeds, the autumn reeds are really super beautiful, Wear a light-colored sweater and take a photo of a group of asparagus-the food guide recommends two nice restaurants, old li: anji local cuisine and restaurants with high ratings. Recommended White Tea Shrimp and Lao Li Hongshao Meat Girl: Specially for Anji local dishes, but also delicious on the tip of the tongue. Recommended spicy crabs and bamboo local chicken #Relax around the place #immersion in the winter"