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Things To Do in Tongwei

Yuexin Hot Spring Water World
62 Reviews
Y邦润JJWorth a visit! Less than 200 kilometers away from Lanzhou, the scenery is good, the dining is OK, the accommodation is OK, the swimming pool is spacious and bright, and the airy and light are good! The water quality should be no problem, and the water temperature is comfortable.
Nante Hot Spring Manor
8 Reviews
_We***05The water is good, the environment is pretty good, and the service is reasonable. Generally speaking, it’s okay...what’s not good? I don’t know if it’s inaction or acquiescence or even permission. Some people take a bath in the hot spring pool and some people in the swimming pool. The garden party should be discouraged while smoking, but the quality is not up to the level of consciousness.
Fuxi Temple
849 Reviews
江湖一秀才2019-07-02 Tianshui is a place with many historical sites and beautiful mountains and clear waters. In addition to the most famous Maijishan Grottoes, Fuxi Temple in Qinzhou District is also a must-see. The Qinzhou District of Tianshui is the seat of the government, and the cultural relics are relatively concentrated. From Maiji Mountain, in order to be able to visit Fuxi Temple the next day, I chose to live in Qinzhou District. Fuxi is the ancestor of the Chinese nation and one of the three emperors. As the ancestor of the Chinese civilization, he made tools, cultivated farming, made marriages, established surnames, made book deeds, learned gossip, and used the lights of civilization to guide people out of the chaos and end the primitive age. Fuxi Temple, whose real name is Taihao Palace, is commonly known as Renzong Temple. It is located on Fuxi Road, Xiguan, Qinzhou District, Tianshui City, Gansu Province. It is currently the largest and best-preserved Ming dynasty building complex in China to commemorate one of the ancient "Three Emperors", Fuxi. The Fuxi Temple faces the north and faces the south, and is built on the street. With great respect and anticipation, I came here early in the morning and walked into the temple as the first group of tourists. Just in time for the Fuxi Grand Ceremony month, many places still retain traces of the celebration, and the glory of the celebration is vaguely visible. It is understood that the annual Fuxi Cultural Festival is held in Fuxi Temple on June 22. The ceremony for Fuxi is very spectacular. At that time, all the priests bowed to the east to show their respect for Fuxi, the ancestor of humanities. Then, the chief priest and the accompany worship the nine large and nine small round tripods on the east and west sides of the sacrificial altar in turn. "Nine Ding" and "Wu Gu" indicate that Fuxi is the honor of the Ninth Five-Year Plan, and "Fang Ding" and "Yuan Ding" represent the heaven and the circle. Fuxi Temple is one of the most famous ancient architectural complexes in Northwest China. It was declared as a key cultural relics protection unit in Gansu Province by the People's Government of Gansu Province as early as 1963. It is now a national key cultural relics protection unit. Fuxi Temple has a history of more than 700 years and has been rebuilt nine times. From the scattered ancient cypress trees in the temple, we can see the precipitation of the years. The ancient buildings in the temple include theater buildings, archways, gates, yimen, Xiantian Hall, Taiji Hall, Bell Tower, Drum Tower, etc., arranged in sequence along the longitudinal axis, advancing layer by layer, majestic and grand. The Fuxi Temple complex and the surrounding antique blocks are very large. It is said that there are only two Fuxi temples remaining in the country. The other is in two towns in Weishan County, Shandong Province. However, the scale and history of Tianshui Fuxi temple far exceed the latter. As a relatively rare temple dedicated to Fuxi in China, Fuxi Temple is commendable because it has many displays of ancient and Taoist culture, many wooden structures are exquisitely carved, and its archaeological value is also high. So for those who want to understand Fuxi culture, this is the best place to go. The area of Tianshui City is not very large, but there are many cultural relics worth visiting! There is also a free museum at the back door of Fuxi Temple, which can be visited together. After exiting the back door, turn right and walk straight for less than 10 minutes to reach Yuquan Temple. You can browse and visit together. At the end of the tour, you can go to the pedestrian street to eat quack and other specialties.
Hongjunhui Ninghuishi Site
75 Reviews
CCP Historical Site
江湖一秀才The Red Army Club in Huining is now open to the public as a free patriotism education base. The main attractions include the Club Hall and the Red Army Memorial Museum, which require registration with an ID card, and can visit for free. The tourists here are mainly local There are not many people from other places. The memorial garden has a relatively large area, and there are quite a lot of items on display. The traffic is also very convenient. There is a parking lot on the main road, and the fee is 5 yuan. The door face is not big, there is a tourist management center at the door, it is very convenient to come and go, it is also pretty good to come and see, there is a chargeable camera service, you can choose the clothes of the Red Army to wear photos, it is very fun, the most famous This is the building. It is also a landmark building in Huining County and a local landmark building. There are 9 floors in total. Come and see it is pretty good, the building is beautiful, and the design is also very good. Under normal circumstances, there are not many tourists inside, and you can see the whole picture of Huining County. The Huishi Gate is also a local landmark. The red platform below seems to have been built during a recent performance. It seems that the building has a history of many years. Of course, the Red Army 124 Front Army joins forces here, which has very important historical significance. , Is also a very important part of Chinese history. The museum detailed the hard years of the Red Army’s 25,000-mile Long March, so it is still very good. There are many exhibits that we have never seen before. It is really comprehensive. Unfortunately, when I came here, there was no commentator. There is also a tank display in the meeting hall. I came over and saw that it was donated by a factory. It was pretty good, but they were all enclosed. There is also a plane here, which looks like a fighter jet from a long time ago. Behind the county museum is the county museum. It is pretty good to take a look. There is a mammoth display in the county museum. The second floor is a display of Chairman Mao's calligraphy works. Behind the mountain is the Taohua Mountain in Huining County. The summer peach blossoms here are very beautiful when they bloom.
Shuiliandong Caves
70 Reviews
忘情大师This is a very cost-effective scenic spot, 30 yuan ticket, 10 yuan round trip fare, conscience price. It is best to go in the afternoon, as the light is better for taking pictures. The last bus from the scenic spot back to Wushan County is at 6:30 pm. Shuilian Cave and Lashao Temple in the scenic area are worth visiting.

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Yuexin Hot Spring Water World
Yuexin Hot Spring Water WorldDingxi,China

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Nante Hot Spring Manor
Nante Hot Spring ManorDingxi,China

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Fuxi Temple
Fuxi TempleTianshui,China

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Hongjunhui Ninghuishi Site
Hongjunhui Ninghuishi SiteBaiyin,China

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Tongwei Hotspring Holiday Resort
Tongwei Hotspring Holiday ResortDingxi,China

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Shuiliandong Caves
Shuiliandong CavesTianshui,China

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