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Things To Do in Trondheim

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_GG***36This was the first cathedral built in Norway after Norway converted to Christianity.Amazing sculptures in the front side and amazing from inside with a big hall.
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Historical Site
Historical Architecture
suesuewangThere are still some cannons in the former military powerhouse. To get here, you need to come over from the Old Town Bridge, walk up the steep slope after reaching the 711 store, and pass the villa area of the locals. Climbing up to the castle, you can see the panoramic view of Trondheim, spectacular and beautiful.
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Featured Neighborhood
suesuewangCome over from the old town, see 711, turn right. Very beautiful neighborhood, colorful houses may be restaurants, or shops, the streets are neat". Some benches can be used to sit and watch the scenery.
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Historical Architecture
M49***70The largest wooden building in Scandinavia, a late Baroque building. Completed in 1778, it is now the official residence of the royal family in Trondheim. Only participating in the group can enter the tour.
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SophiaTake the light rail tram from Trochem from St.Olavs Gate, take 19 stops and get off at Lian, 50 NOK one way, to Bimarka Country Park, or take bus No. 10 to Skiistua (suitable for winter skiing) ), but only two buses a day, or walk 8 kilometers from the city. This is a natural forest park with hills, lakes, and hiking trails. No tickets are required. In winter, there are also ski resorts where you can ski. About this country park, there is a map for sale at the Trondheim Visitor Center, but it costs 100 Norwegian kroner. Friends who love hiking should not miss it.
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一米qThe Trondheim Art Museum, located in Trondheim, Norway, is a well-known art collection in Norway. The museum building is remodeled in an old building and has a rich collection. The museum exhibits a large number of works by local Norwegian artists. Need to buy tickets to enter.

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Nidaros Cathedral (Nidaros Domkirke)Trondheim,Norway

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Gamle bybroTrondheim,Norway

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Sverresborg Trondelag Folk MuseumTrondheim,Norway

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Church of Our LadyTrondheim,Norway

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