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Observation Deck
Rokko Arima RopewayNearby City

Rokko Arima Ropeway

4.8/59 Reviews
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"Cable Car"
"Observation Deck"
Ranked #8 in Kobe Stunning Lookouts
Open from 1/1-3/31,9:30am-5:10pm;Open from 4/1-7/19,Mon-Fri,9:30am-5:10pm;Open from 4/1-7/19,Sat,9:30am-8:50pm;Open from 4/1-7/19,Sun,9:30am-6:10pm;Open from 7/20-8/31,9:30am-9:30pm;Open from 9/1-9/30,Mon-Fri,9:30am-5:10pm;Open from 9/1-9/30,Sat,9:30am-8:50pm;Open from 9/1-9/30,Sun,9:30am-6:10pm;Open from 10/1-10/31,Mon-Fri,9:30am-5:10pm;Open from 10/1-10/31,Sat,9:30am-8:30pm;Open from 10/1-10/31,Sun,9:30am-6:10pm;Open from 11/1-11/30,Mon-Fri,9:30am-5:10pm;Open from 11/1-11/30,Sat,9:30am-8:30pm;Open from 11/1-11/30,Sun,9:30am-5:10pm;Open from 12/1-12/31,9:30am-5:10pm (Local time)
"We chose to put our suitcases in the hotel in Kobe under the mountain, and pick them up the next day, so that we can go all the way from Mount Maya to Arima Onsen. It’s not easy to take the Rokko-Arima cable car. The mountain bus takes one less stop and can’t find the way to go. I can only wait for another car and waste 50 yuan in the fare. Fortunately, the beautiful scenery of the cable car is not allowed. I am disappointed. You can get a 20% discount when you buy a ticket with a coupon. The original price is 1010 yen one-way. From Rokko Mountain Peak Station to Arima Onsen Station, our hotel is closer to the cable car Arima Onsen Station, so this trip is more suitable for us. When we were on the cable car, there were not many people. Basically everyone had a seat. The scenery from the mountain was still very shocking and super feeling."