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Yellowstone National Park
Play in Yellowstone Park and Antelope Canyon, all the big scorpions in the world Yellowstone Park If you like natural scenery, travel to the United States Yellowstone Park can not be missed. Yellowstone Park is the world's first national park, colored springs, geysers, canyons, waterfalls, lakes, forest grasslands, all of which can be seen in Yellowstone Park. [Entry] Huangshi is divided into 5 districts. There are 5 entrances each has a small town. You can decide which city to live according to your own itinerary. Huangshi Park is divided into five major districts: 1Northwest: Mammoth Hot Springs is known as the Hot Steps area. Because its landform is dominated by limestone steps, it is the world's largest known carbonate deposit hot spring. ; 2Northeast: Roosevelt District, the Indians used to hunt here, and cut the Banrick Trail, which has an ancient western landscape that can be hummed; 3 in the middle: the canyon area, the main landscape is the Yellowstone Grand Canyon and Waterfall; 4Southeast: Huangshi Lake District, is a good place to enjoy the lake and mountains; 5Southwest: Geyser area, there are various geysers, hot springs, jet holes, mire and so on. [The most faithful geyser on earth] Old Faithful Geyser is the most famous landscape of Yellowstone. Faithful, it will erupt once every 90 minutes, never let the tourists down. Each time the eruption takes about 4 minutes, the highest and most beautiful time is the first 20 seconds and the height is 40-50 meters. [The most active and most active geyser] Norris Geyser Basin is located on the west side of Yellowstone Park. It is the hottest and most active and unstable series of geysers in the park. Unpredictable eruptions Give visitors a different sense of excitement. The smog is smoky, dreamlike, and the densely distributed jet springs create the momentum of the smoke. Antelope Canyon The deep canyons, the undulating lines, the fascinating color blocks, constitute the Antelope Valley which ranks among the world's top ten geological wonders. Antelope Valley is located in the northern part of Arizona, near Peggy City, and is a must-see for the American West. As the world's most famous "first-line sky", the light column descending from the sky, also known as the "light of heaven" light reflects on the stone wall to produce a fantastic color. [Selecting the time to enter the valley]: On the Antelope Valley noon time 11
United States,Recommendations
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