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Things To Do in Upper Franconia

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Ancient Settlement
13901694958Bamberg is located in northern Bavaria, Germany. It was built in 1007 AD and was once the residence of the Roman emperor and bishop. The layered red roofs in the old town of Bamberg, the brick-and-timbered houses, waterways and bridges, and the flowers on the balconies of every household are all worthy of nostalgia. Bamberg has the title of Little Venice. The small city contains all the medieval-style buildings since the Roman period. The city is full of romance. The fusion of lake scenery and coastal buildings is like coming to Venice.
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Historical Architecture
轻轻的一个蚊The main church was built in 1004. It has medieval Roman and Gothic style. The interior of the church is relatively simple, but there is no lack of exquisite stone carvings, altars, choir seats and huge organs. Among the celebrities of Bamberg sleeping here, the most important is Pope Clement II, who is the only pope buried north of the Alps.
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Botanical Garden
City Park
野枫印象When you go to the ancient city of Bamberg in Germany, the Rose Manor is a must. Whenever the roses are in full bloom, roses of various colors are blooming here, as if you are in a romantic flower sea. In the Rose Manor, you can not only see the spire of the cathedral, but when you look down, you can see the buildings in the city of Bamberg show up in front of you!
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Historical Site
梅理熊[Scenery] Bamberg’s landmark building, also known as the Water City Hall, is built on an artificial island in the river, with both sides connected to the land by stone bridges. It is said that the bishop was unwilling to divide his site to build a city hall for the people, so the locals built such a building in the Regnitz River. Standing on the wooden bridge on the south side, watching the rushing river rushing through the old city hall that has been standing in the river for hundreds of years, I couldn't help feeling and admiring. The position he had no choice but to choose made him unique. Presumably, this result was a result that neither the bishop nor the citizens had expected. [Fun] The unique architectural style can be seen from a distance, while the prosperous paintings can be seen up close. It is now the Bamberg History Museum, which can be visited inside. [Value for money] The small wooden bridge opposite is the best place to see the whole city hall
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Featured Neighborhood
猫猫在旅行Bamberg, located in Bavaria, is also known as Little Venice. Why is there such a statement? Because of the rich water system here, many buildings are built near the water. Crossing the Regnitz River, we will enter the old town of Bamberg. At this time you will see the unique old town hall built on the water. The structure of the entire city hall is very peculiar, like a ship anchored in the water. There are many small bridges on the Regnitz River, and we are able to cross the two banks of the river. Many people order a cup of coffee and stand on the bridge to enjoy the river view. The swans and ducks in the river swim around, appearing very leisurely. Everyone's life in the sun is so pleasant.
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qf3456792The old palace is now a history museum. [Scenery] Very distinctive historical building. [Fun] There are so many things to learn as a museum! [Value for money] Check it out when you have time!

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Richard Wagner MuseumUpper Franconia,Germany

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Neues Schloss BayreuthUpper Franconia,Germany

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Basilica ViezehnheiligenUpper Franconia,Germany

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Frankische Schweiz MuseumUpper Franconia,Germany

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Sommerrodelbahnen PottensteinUpper Franconia,Germany

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Katholische FilialkirchenstiftungUpper Franconia,Germany

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