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National Park
D22***69This is the most insane place Ive ever been too!!! Amazing!!! Very very beautiful!
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燃烧生命的小胖妞Salt Lake City is a shining metropolis. Temple Square is not only the heart of the city, but also the world center of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. End your day at Temple Square at the Joseph Smith Memorial. After exploring the luxurious golden interiors, you can go to the top floor and sit down to enjoy the most beautiful views of the city.
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National Park
chenweiwenArea 309 square kilometers, Utah near Moab, Utah preserves more than 2,000 natural rock arches, including world-renowned elaborate arches. The highest peak in the park is 1,753 meters above sea level. About 850,000 visitors a year. Some people come here to study geology, or to be interested in the evolution of nature. Of course, more people want to see the famous arch and describe the experience to others. Whatever the motive, its majestic and research value is absolutely affirmed. Originally a national historic site on April 12, 1929, and a national park on November 12, 1971, 42 arches have collapsed due to erosion since 1970.
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E33***25Beautiful place to visit, especially during the holidays. The entire square is wonderful and so are the people!
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National Park
chenweiwenThe Narrows It is a shallow stream in the canyon. You can walk 16 miles up the stream, but most tourists can only walk 1-2 miles. After all, walking in the water is still very slow and takes physical strength. Barefooted in the water, the pebbles at the bottom of the river were a bit lame and slippery and easy to wrestle, fortunately we had our shoes up the stream, but not prepared a walking stick which also caused us some difficulties, in the deep water where the water is very fast walking stick can test the depth of the water, And it can be used as a fulcrum to support people. We walked over to the knees and didn't dare go inside, although it was July, because the canyon streams on both sides were not long under sunshine, the streams were very cold, and there was no cane to support any time there was a danger of wrestling, so we had to reluctantly turn around! After playing so many national parks, most of them are mainly to see and appreciate, only here can not only enjoy the beauty of the canyon, the stream, but also can be engaged in the fun, not too good a different experience!
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Historical Site
Historical Architecture
zhengshengGreat experience! On top of the hill with good views. It is open for public daily.

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Trolley SquareSalt Lake County,United States

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Hobby LobbySalt Lake County,United States

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Traverse MountainUtah County,United States

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Bryce Canyon National ParkUtah,United States

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Arches National ParkGrand County,United States

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The Escape KeySalt Lake County,United States

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Christmas is that time of year. In this special holiday guide, we’re taking a look at traditions in the United States. We’ll also toss in a few holiday vacation destination recommendations for good measure. This is our guide to Christmas traditions in the United States.
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