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Trip Moments

MM Venezia
Venice, a place to wrap memories
gentle water city mysterious passionate Mediterranean wind mixed with salty taste after the rain, the scenery enveloped with a layer of fog, intoxicating, hidden here, ancient Roman gods, beautiful prophecy, phoenix boat swaying on the water The swaying shackles trying to cover up the enthusiasm of the bottom of the heart, the style of Venice is always inseparable from the "water", the waterways, the flowing waves, like a silent girl, the eyes are pouring tender. It seems to be a romantic dream floating on the blue waves. The poetry and paintings have long been lingering in Venice. The architecture, paintings, sculptures and operas are quite romantic. Venice is born of water, beautiful by water, and prosperous by water. It seems calm and elegant. Venice "Queen of the Adriatic" Halloween party night to the Tianming masquerade mysterious strange Cinderella jumped down the pumpkin carriage did not see the prince under a mask of ghosts but it is a joyful song here contains romantic tenderness There is no lack of fiery and versatile Venice. It is like a dreamy and affectionate lover. It is so fascinating that the intoxicating scenery and the shadow of the mythical story are deeply attracted to the curiosity. The Venice that wants to stay in the modern city wants to stay along the life. Step on the marble steps until the canal, or take the Gondola slowly. By the slate path where the afterglow of the setting sun has not been exhausted, there will be no more people to disturb your peace.
St. Mark's Square
There is more water than water, beautiful because of water, and there is more than a hundred waterways in Venice. The whole city is built in the water. The wide and narrow waterways are the streets and lanes. There are no cars or even bicycles here. Gondola and the ships to and from are the only means of transportation in Venice.
[After arriving in Venice, you can see the prominent ticket office at the entrance, visitors can purchase according to the budget and length of stay.
[single 7.5 ohms, 24 hours 21 ohms, 48 hours of 30 ohms...]
Shundaodao boat trip is one of the best ways to visit Venice scenery, there are all kinds of buildings on both sides, no Towering skyscrapers, they are low but not gorgeous.

The famous Bridge of Sighs is actually very short. This is the bridge linking the Ducal Palace and the prison. It is the only way for prisoners to come. If you think of the future prison life, or regret or despair, you will always sigh, hence the name.
The legend about the Bridge of Sighs is to kiss with the lover under the bridge, and love will last forever.

[Gondola price 80-120 Euro float]

St. Mark's Square is the central square of Venice. The St. Mark's Church on the east side of the square is majestic and magnificent.
St. Mark's Cathedral is said to have been named after the burial of the disciple (the apostle) of St. Mark. This fascinating San Marco can be seen everywhere in Venice. St. Mark is the author of the New Testament Mark Gospel and was killed in Egypt in AD 67. His logo is a winged lion. Since then, Venice is full of lions.
Burano Island
[Venice Color Island]
played a small attraction, or its not uncommon to come to the net red spot in the red dot. The colorful island of Venice
color island is also everyone because the island is full of colorful The nickname he used, the place name / station name is called [Burano]
[How to get there? From the main island, about an hour's boat trip. Everyone said that Venice is very complicated. It is necessary to transfer from Murano (Glass Island) to Burano, but it is not necessary at all, as long as there is a pass for the actv shipping company. Hey, no matter where you go, open google map, choose Burano, google map will tell you the fastest and most convenient way to go, accurate to the boat a few minutes, which dock on board, not assured can ask The staff at the disembarkation terminal can't just transfer from Burano, depending on where you are going and how many boats you take.
[Burano] is commonly known as the color island. It is obvious that because the houses on the island have been painted in different colors, the story that has been circulated on the Internet is that the woman at home is convenient to find her own home for the men who go out to sea. There is another special product on the island that is lace products, but the price is not cheap, some products are handmade, some are machined, do not have to rush to the island to buy, you can go inside and shop around and decide .
[Best practice] must go early, we have a lot of tourists at 10 o'clock, and in the afternoon, there are always big gifts for tourists to flood into the island, how much will affect the photo. When we went, it was a rainy day. It would be better if we had enough time to pick a sunny day. Its enough to play for a long time. If you look too long, you will feel tired.
[Wearing advice] Yes, my white coat is out of the mirror...because I have 2 coats in order to save space on the luggage...but it doesn't matter, you can also rely on the inside to save the field. Most of the sister papers that come to take pictures may choose white clothes. It is indeed the most insured color. However, since the color island is coming, the school sister thinks that it is not bad to wear a beautiful dress into the island. It can discharge the color and similar colors. The effect is ~ but the color of the body should not exceed 3 kinds
(Hint) The price of the island is more expensive than the main island. The transportation cost here is high, and the second is the net red spot. It costs 1.5 euros for the last toilet, and you can eat tens of euros for a simple meal.