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The Fork

The Fork

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"Take the train from Geneva all the way to Montreux, passing a small town called "Vevey" on the way, because when I was doing the strategy, I saw the big fork here, so I have to come here to check in anyway. Vevey belongs to a small town in western Switzerland. Between Lausanne and Montreux, there are vast vineyards around the town. It began to flourish as a wine center in the Middle Ages. The headquarters of the world-famous Nestle company is here, and the company's iconic big fork stands on the shore of Lake Geneva in Vevey. So after getting off the train at Vevey train station, I went straight to the big fork via Google Maps navigation. The town is small, so it takes about ten minutes to walk there. This is a quiet town. There are a few local people walking on the lakeside trail, or sitting on a chair to chat about life and bask in the sun. It feels completely different from the high-paced life in Switzerland. Maybe this is an unpopular attraction, almost no Chinese can be seen here, but in a hurry to see the castle in Montreux, I hurried to the big fork and took a few punch-in photos. Next to the big fork is the statue of Chaplin. The master of comedy Chaplin lived here for 25 years and died here. Therefore, it is understandable to set up a statue here as a tribute, so I inevitably took a photo of the group photo. , After all, all came. Take the train again to Montreux to see the Chillon Castle, which is built on a protruding rock on the edge of Lake Geneva, which is a bit like a peninsula. The most famous place in this place is the poem "The Prisoner of Chillon" written by Byron. Famous artists and poems have made this castle a business card for Montreux. However, there is a charge for visiting the castle. Due to time constraints and we are not very interested in the introduction of various historical chapters in the castle, we took a few standard tourist photos by the lake. After visiting here He left happily, after all, he had to continue to Interlaken. Generally speaking, Chillon Castle is worth seeing, but it is not worth seeing in depth. The best place in Switzerland is Interlaken, so everyone can take a look at my footprints in Interlaken. ."
Lakeside Promenade FleuriNearby City

Lakeside Promenade Fleuri

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"Take you on a stroll in the romantic flower capital-Montreux, Switzerland. I think what is the definition of a good life? Maybe it’s like me at the moment, sitting on a bench on the shore of Lake Fleurie in Montreux, Switzerland, while enjoying the beautiful scenery of Lake Geneva, while looking at the distant Alps, quietly enjoying the evening wind You can also accompany the flowers all over the street. [Romantic Flower City] I think people living in this place must be very happy. Not only are there beautiful natural scenery but also all kinds of flowers everywhere, especially roses. As a girl who likes flowers very much, if she lives in such a place, every day is a world in fairy tales. Switzerland is very hot during the day in summer, but there are many tourists and local residents by the lake in the evening breeze and the fragrance of flowers. At this time, it is also a good choice to have a cup of coffee in the cafe next to the lake! [Beautiful natural scenery] Although the purpose of coming here is not for viewing flowers, but for sightseeing. Although Montreux is hot in summer, it does not affect my mood when visiting here. The trees and greenery all over the city are like Western oil paintings with strong colors. Not only can you see the beautiful lakeshore scenery on Lake Fleurie, you can also enjoy the scenery of the mountains in the distance. When the evening sun is about to go down, the orange sun and mountains seem to be a passage for God to come to the world. [Travel Notes] 1. Play time: Spring and summer are recommended, because the flowers bloom just right at this time 2. There are many delicacies around the shore of Lake Fleurie to check in"