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Observation Deck
DC Towers

DC Towers

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"Observation Deck"
"The towering Vienna DC towers Vienna has always been a modern city integrating modernity and rural beauty. Therefore, many tourists come here. The luxurious architecture, huge central park, densely forested, brightly lit at night, quiet The yellow lights shined upstairs and reflected on the street. People came and went on the road, everyone was jokes and jokes, very exotic. @@@@@Appearance I went to the most famous DC Towers in Vienna the next day. My friend and I rented a car locally and drove to the destination. A huge modern high-rise building was in sight. This building is very high. In the center is a diamond-shaped hollow design, and the whole building is an all-glass building. I can't help but marvel at the huge tall building. @@@@@ Inside this building is built by the sea, we decided to go in and have a meal by the way, and dine in the restaurant close to the top floor. We enjoyed the beautiful scenery of the whole Vienna, and lunch was not very different from ordinary Western meals. Many, the appetizer is made of blueberries. I think it tastes like starfish. The hummus and steak taste good for dinner, and the last dessert made us very satisfied. After eating, we went to other open floors and strolled around. Building 53 seems to be an office in a creative area. The whole design seems like we have inexplicably broken into another world. Tips: It is difficult to find parking spaces here at noon. If you are also renting a car, you can consider taking a bus (taxi is too expensive and not recommended)."