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Mana Island

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"Mana Island (Mana Island) · Feji (Fiji) Wouldn't it be worthless to come to the island without getting into the sea? Doesn’t you deserve to come to Fiji if you can’t swim or dive? Does it mean that you cannot see the sunrise or the sunset on Mana Island on a rainy day? ☝No! ! ! Let’s teach you what to do besides diving in Mana Island Picture 1⃣️-Picture 4⃣️: Walk freely along the beach on the island and wear a beautiful floral dress. You are the most beautiful model. Picture 5⃣️-Picture 8⃣️: Walking along the beach or under the coconut grove, you can see how local children get close to the sea, apart from tourists, how idle adults enjoy the coolness, and make friends with the boat How people are communicating with the ship; Picture 9⃣️-Picture 1⃣️1⃣️: Stroll down on the beach, looking for novel creatures that may appear. Watch the hermit crab move, watch the conch lying on the beach, and count how many people in this sea have not seen any shells. Under the dim cover of coconut leaves, listen to the sea breeze to experience a Fijian horse killing chicken. The islanders' slightly rough fingers mixed with coconut oil, sending waves of sleepiness. Picture 1⃣️2⃣️-Picture 1⃣️5⃣️: Wait for the sunset once. The weather on the island is changing rapidly, even if you see dark clouds, you can wait for the sunset. Look at the sky and the golden ocean. Count the stars ✨: The starry sky of the island country is not polluted, it must be beautiful to surprise you. Most of the people who come to Fiji are for vacation ⛱️ to relax, so they will be kidnapped by the "things to do on the island", but you are here to play waste, spit out all the irritability in your heart, and harvest a day without using your brain~"