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About Vladivostok

Vladivostok Located on Russia's southeastern border just northwest of the Sea of Japan, east of China and DPRK, this is Russia's bridgehead in the Asia-Pacific region and the base of the Russian Pacific Fleet. Vladivostok is surrounded by the sea and possesses many long stretches of beautiful sandy beach. In the summertime, this is a cool and comfortable resort paradise. Should you come to Vladivostok for holiday in the wintertime, you can have the unique experience of the Russian sauna. The ocean nearby means that the city is full of seafood, where restaurants big and small on major avenues and in tiny alleys have all kinds of wonderful seafood dishes for you to enjoy. When traveling here, you should absolutely take the opportunity to have a seafood feast, such as the specialty king crab.

Popular Attractions in Vladivostok

Zolotoy Rog
196 Reviews
Standing on a high position overlooking the panoramic view of the Golden Horn, the continental shelf is like a curved horn, the hills on the shore covered with lush forests, and the green of the pieces cling to the edge of the sea. The water in the horns is full of ships and warships of various sizes. The buildings on the shores of the bay and the sporadic spires form the outline of the bay.
Vladivostok Railway Station
145 Reviews
Historical Architecture
The Vladivostok Railway Station is the eastern end of the Siberian Railway. It is not so much a railway station as it is a symbol. There are 9288 double-headed eagle statues on the platform, indicating that the distance from Moscow is 9,288 kilometers. The overall Russian-style looks are also reminiscent of the representative creations of Russian architectural art in the 17th century, giving people a complicated and diverse visual aesthetic.
Vladivostok C-56USS Pampanito Museum
150 Reviews
The Submarine C-56 Museum was a submarine during the Second World War. It entered the submarine and the various machinery, equipment and objects in the cabin were similar. The two walls of the boat cabin are covered with photos, pictures and text materials, and you can see the glory of the Soviet Navy. The Submarine C-56 Museum is located in front of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and is backed by the Russian Pacific Fleet Command Building, which has a strong historical significance.
Russky Island
11 Reviews

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Vladivostok Weather

Aug 15, 2020
20 °
Intermittent Clouds
Aug 16, 2020
Clear with Poor Air Quality
Aug 17, 2020
Mostly Clear
Aug 18, 2020

Trip Moments

Blue Tulip   
The Railroad Terminal, the only railway terminal in the world directly connected to the sea terminal, is one of the business cards of Vladivostok. It is also the starting point of the Siberian Railway. It has a hundred-year-old old building with yellow and white color and is dignified. The impression of cleanness is only one road away from Lenin Square. It is small in size but very characteristic. It stands on the platform where there are no escalators on the stairs. The 100-year-old locomotive and the 9288 monument are clear. Of course, this is also the location of the movie "July and Ansheng", and this movie has attracted a lot of places where Wenqing came to Vladivostok to travel and punch cards. Even if there is no train ticket, you can enter the train station to visit. The train station was unexpectedly small, and the murals inside were worth a look. I like the chandelier with a retro top and a very elegant interior. There is a hand-painted piece on the display board that is full of children's hand-painted works. It is full of imagination and love. It adds a vitality to the exhibition. The cold and clear waiting room has only two rows of seats, and the passengers who are seen in twos and threes are quietly waiting, leisurely, and the crowded and noisy with the domestic railway station is really a gap. There are several small stalls selling fast food and drinks at the entrance of the train station. It is very grounded. When you are hungry, you will get a huge amount of burritos. It is cheap and delicious. You may wish to try it.
Posted: Mar 31, 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

I recommended Glass Beach, Lazo State National Park of Kalpanov, National Park Land of the Leopard, Golden Horn Bay, Tikhaya bay.
Here are the best places to visit in Vladivostok, including: Lenin's Monumen, Tokanev Lighthouse, Glass Beach, Arch of Prince Nicholas, Square of the Fighters for the Soviet Power.
Vladivostok is a temperate monsoon marine climate with cold and dry winters, early spring arrivals, and wet and foggy summers. Only in the autumn, the weather is fine and sunny, so you can adapt to the tour.