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Wakkanai is the northernmost city in Hokkaido, and the "most northern" landmark is in the northeastern tip of Wakkanai. The first day of the new year is held here. In the sunny days, the beach looks like a mirror and looks like clouds. It is very beautiful. Zonggu has a triangular monument that symbolizes the North Star, and on the left is the statue of the explorer's palace in the Edo period. When the weather is fine, you can see the snowy mountains in front of you, the Russian island of Sakhalin. Not far from the right, there is a music tablet with the score of the song "Zong Guzhen". Some people will play automatically when they approach, and the melody will float in the wind, making the atmosphere a bit embarrassing. At the souvenir shop, I bought a certificate for the arrival of the northernmost end. As long as 100 yen, it is really cheap and good~ I will print the date of the visit on the spot, and I can buy a postcard and put it on the medal. There are various "most northern ends" nearby, such as the northernmost store, the northernmost restaurant, the northernmost mailbox, and even the northernmost washroom...
Posted: Jan 5, 2019
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Souya Misaki
The most popular and popular landmark in the Zongguyi area is the Northmost Land of Japan monument built on a small piece of land reclamation on the northernmost tip of Haitang. The theme of the part of the "North Star" of the Hokkaido Road is the triangular building with a total height of 4.53 meters. The precise position is 45 degrees 31 minutes 22 seconds north latitude and 141 degrees east longitude. In 11 seconds, the weather can be seen from the monument to the land of Sakhalin. Because it is the northernmost land of Japan, plus the southern birch (southern Sakhalin Island) that was once Japanese territory, it was occupied by the Soviet Union after the end of the Second World War and has since become a foreign land. The Japanese have a very unique and emotional symbolic meaning and become one of the most important tourist attractions in the Daobei area. In addition to the monument, there is a song written by Yoshida Hiroshi and a boat in the boat. It was sung by Chiba Scorpion in 1972, because in 1976, NHKs singing program "Everybody's Song" The music monument of the popular song "Zong Guzhen", which is a popular result (a monument that will play music when someone approaches). In addition, there are a series of facilities around the "most northern end", such as the northernmost store in Japan (Baiwu), the northernmost restaurant (the northernmost end of the dining hall), the northernmost homestay (the northernmost place) and even the most At the northernmost mailbox, the northernmost public toilets will also be the northernmost gas station that will give you the "Japan's most northern fueling certificate" after the passengers have finished the oil.