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Things To Do in Wenan

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pugss张小硕A very ordinary town with simple folk customs and many parks where you can go for a walk and relax. There are basketball courts and badminton courts in the forest park. The shopping mall street is the most prosperous area in Wen'an.
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E43***08Best place to enjoy with family if u have enough rush-less time because its too big finish by a day..
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Hot Springs Resort
腊月I went on the last day of 15 years. There are not many people. There are indoor and outdoor warm pools, children's paddling pools, the water is clean, there are pools of different temperatures, there is a parent-child lounge, the steam room is good, the toiletries are good, and the towels are quite white. Yes, just a few months after opening, it is worth the whole family to play!
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Hot Springs Resort
滇国剑客Although this said that only a hotel type of mixed spring bathing place, but, the venue type of equipment can also, the attention of various mineral elements content pools, customers can choose freely.
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郑小逗DOUThe scenery is really unexplainable. There is a camp called AKID Knight Manor International Camp. Now it seems that they are operating the park. There are a lot of business facilities, water projects, kayaking, paddle boards, etc. There is also a horse farm where you can ride horses and ride. Horse-drawn carriage tour of the entire park; vineyards, you can pick, there are many varieties, the key is that the grapes are really delicious; there is also a Japanese-style courtyard, which is very suitable for bringing children and parents to play together. I heard that the 2019 Chuangyiying Men's Group came to the camp to shoot variety shows. This place will become popular in the future, so come here.
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Hot Springs Resort
M26***71Brought the kids there on Sunday! The children are so happy! Eat, live, play, one-stop convenient and cheap! The service staff are also very enthusiastic! Just finished soaking in the hot spring and went to the restaurant to have a meal. The restaurant girl 5 saw that she didn’t tie her hair and it was inconvenient and she gave one of her own

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Haizhilan Hot Spring Water Amusement ParkLangfang,China

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Wen'an Cultural CenterLangfang,China

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Fuxiang ManorLangfang,China

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Luneng Lingxiu ManorLangfang,China

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The Wen’an WetlandLangfang,China

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Yishuiqingcheng Xiyu Leisure AssociationLangfang,China

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Wenan Travel Tips

About Wenan

Wen’an is a county under the administration of Langfang City. It is situated in the middle of Henan Province in the upper reaches of the Daqing River between Beijing and Tianjin. Wen’an belonged to the prefectures of Yan and Zhou in ancient times, and has a long history that is steeped in culture. The most famous scenic spot in the region is the Wen’an low-lying area. Wen’an also has attractions such as the Dawei River Mosque and Luding Dragon Lake for visitors to enjoy. Apart from sightseeing, visitors can also sample the local specialty of Wen’an - water chestnut.

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Here are the best places to visit in Wenan, including: The Wen’an Wetland,Luneng Lingxiu Manor,Haizhilan Hot Spring Water Amusement Park
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