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Trip Moments

Tonggu Mountain
Steven Zhang
Dongjiao Coconut Plantations
Sanya people and mountains? Because you don't know these niche photos and framing methods!

11 long holiday, who wouldnt want to go out and play a beautiful photo?

But in popular destinations with lots of people, you can also find some small photos and framing methods.

just like

Speaking of long holidays, Hainan has become more and more popular. Blue sky and white clouds, green trees and beaches, the breath of the holiday came to the face ~
and Wenchang has gradually become a popular destination. There is no shortage of blue water and blue sky here, but it also contains more antiques.

This AIDS adult recommended some of the small photo spots here, attaching a photo trick ~

1Dongjiao Coconut Grove

This coconut palm The beach is located in the south of Wenchang Dongjiao Town, only 10 kilometers away from Wenchang City.
The beach is white and flawless, and the coconut wind is swaying and refreshing. There is a log cabin that offers accommodation next to the sea.

[Photographing Tips]
The beach is a must-see for travel.
Blowing the sea breeze, licking a piece, a proper sense of bulk.

When shooting the scene, the lens should be as wide as possible, the eyes can not look at the lens, the sea can see the tree, it is more artistic.
Classic posture: Back to the camera, arms wide open to embrace the sea.


This is one of the most characteristic ancient town buildings in Hainan.
is complete and mirrored, formed in the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China, with a strong Chinese-Western style Nanyang arcade style,
people sit under the tree to drink dad tea, live slowly here, open a small shop, Concentrated in the history of the development of Wenchang Overseas Chinese......

[Photo Tips]
Old people always come and go, but the scenery is unique. The photos taken here are especially sparkling and local.

Standing against the wall, leaving the camera blank for the street scene, people are fine, just take the bustling street scene.
Looking at some small scenes such as doors and windows, the framing avoids many people and highlights the characteristics.


This is also called Fujiazhai. More than 100 years ago, Fujias three brothers returned to the hometown of rubber industry in Singapore and built their ancestral homes. The size of the mansion is about 1,300 square meters. ...too love the entrance to the arched hall, you must come here to take pictures.

This is simply the most classic luxury in the hometown of overseas Chinese, the most self-willed style. Time has changed, leaving this century-old house to watch the wind and rain.

[Photo Tips]
Broad gates, covered with moss, are good places for framing ~

hand porch, one leg slightly Stretching forward. Create a long, long leg.
Sitting on the steps, the two legs are staggered and stepped on different steps. The lens is lowered and the legs are stretched.

In any case, let go of your time, enjoy the holidays
everyone must be bold and confident, and take your own unique ~