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Popular Attractions in Wengyuan

Donghuachan Temple
17 Reviews
Xinfeng Cherry Blossom Valley
214 Reviews
Botanical Garden
Xinfeng Cherry Blossom Valley is a comprehensive agricultural tourism area with the theme of cherry blossoms. Travelers would like take photo of cherry blossoms,to feel the atmosphere of spring. Especially, when Spring Festival is approaching, Xinfeng Cherry Blossom Valley has become a good place for Xinfeng people to enjoy the spring tour.
Yunji Mountain Hot Spring Resort
107 Reviews
Hot Spring
Located in the foothills of Yunji Mountain Nature Reserve, Yunji Mountain Hot Spring Resort is a resort with a combination of accommodations, food, open-air hot springs, entertainment, and business meetings. In the natural garden-style hot spring resort, the Yunji Mountain hot spring is a unique Radon hot spring in Guangdong and is the best choice for health preservation.
Shaoguan Xinfeng Yuntianhai Hot Spring Resort
208 Reviews
Hot Spring
Shaoguan Xinfeng Yuntianhai Hot Spring Resort lies on a long and narrow terrain in Shaoguan, surrounded by lush forests and clear, clean streams. It is an ideal location for both locals and travelers from all over the world to come and enjoy luxurious accommodations, Chinese and Western restaurants, large open-air hot springs, sports and other recreational activities. The resort also contains conference rooms of different sizes for corporate gatherings. The climate around the mountain is unique, with transplanted Brazilian peonies blooming beautifully over long flowering periods. Xinfeng Jiangyuan Hot Spring Resort is a perfect year-round destination. In the spring and summer seasons, visitors come to take in the abundant oxygen and enjoy the vibrant, blooming flowers. Autumn visitors are attracted by the view of mountains covered in orange and red leaves, while in the winter they come to play in the snow.

Wengyuan Weather

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Jul 15, 2020
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Jul 17, 2020

Trip Moments

Shaoguan Wengyuan Harvest Festival is waiting for you! Golden autumn fruit fragrance, want to experience the joy of farmers' harvest, then come to Shaoguan Wengyuan. Today, I participated in the launching ceremony of the 2019 China Farmers Harvest Festival and Shaoguan Ecological Agriculture Expo in the Wengyuan County Orchid Industrial Park. We wore straw hats to watch the performances with the audience, showing the variety of fruits and vegetables in the area, and a festive scene of harvest. Shaoguan local special performances are very exciting, there are ethnic characteristics of "Dance Spring Cow", "Meng Lan Wen Yuan" and "Tea Connotation". 2019 China Farmers Harvest Festival has a total of 70 venues, Shaoguan Wengyuan is one of the national harvest venues, a month of harvest festival, waiting for you to punch!
Posted: Sep 23, 2019
Shaoguan Wengyuan must eat special snacks as long as you come to Shaoguan Wengyuan, you must eat Hakka cuisine. First drink the soup, heat and dampness, and then the oil cover, Zhou Weihua wheat, Zhou Wei rice dumplings, as well as vegetable, stuffed tofu, meatballs and salted ducks are also good. Oil hood is a special snack of Wengyuan. It is delicious and delicious. It is made with fish, radish and rice noodles. , is a pancake made with buckwheat, rich in dietary fiber, eat more good for the body. Zhou glutinous rice dumplings look like dumplings, even found to be vegetarian stuffing, this Wengyuan Zhou centuries-old snack is made with rice noodles, taste soft and resilient teeth, very distinctive. Dish bag is also a specialty snack of Wengyuan. It is sprinkled with ginger and it is delicious and delicious. It is delicious than expected.
Posted: Sep 22, 2019
Have you eaten these special snacks? Lianxi Village, Jiangwei Town, Wengyuan County, is the most representative rural demonstration site in Shaoguan. Unlike the rural areas in the impression, Lianxi Village has tarmac roads, auditoriums and new houses. The local villagers are warm and hospitable. Most of them watch performances in the auditorium, some are fried pasta, and others are gossip. The most impressive thing about Shaoguan Wengyuan is the local specialties. The oil cover is very good. I like to eat fish fillets. fried fruit is sweet, stuffing is sweet potato. Don't look at Ai Wei's appearance, but the girl is a good helper to warm the palace. glutinous rice chicken is not wrapped in lotus leaves, wrapped in the paste to fry into golden yellow. The bean shell has black sesame seeds, which are fried and crispy. It is not too greasy to eat. It is most suitable for serving tea.
Posted: Sep 24, 2019
vivi slow life   
In the early spring, everything recovers. The 10,000-acre peach blossoms of Wengyuan Peach Blossom Valley and Peach Blossom Sea have bloomed beautifully. The wind rises and falls in the English, and the dark fragrance floats. This is in the middle of the peach blossom forest, and if you are in the paradise. The peach forests of the Peach Blossom Sea in Jiuxian Village are mostly grown on the flat land. There are hundreds of acres of slabs. The wind is blooming and the peach fragrance is blurred. It really looks like an ocean of endless flowers. The peach trees in the Peach Blossom Valley of Lidong Village grow in the valley, and follow the slopes on both sides of the hill. They are so refreshing and free-looking. They look at the valley, and the flowers in the mountains form a strong and free Ink painting.
Posted: Dec 19, 2018
Shaoguan Wengyuan Lake Xinba Hakka Group Building has preserved 59 stories of ancient Hakka buildings built in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, one brick and one tile in the dormitory. In addition, the locals planted a large area of flowers nearby, and it is the season of marigold. I will plant grass for you. I heard that there is a large area of rape in spring, and there are jeans. Potted plants buy a few local hand-made cakes, I feel like knocking delicious, I feel that every day here can drink five fingers peach stew soup, almost thought it is a coconut haha ~
Posted: Dec 20, 2018