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About Wenzhou

Wenzhou is located in the southeastern part of Zhejiang. It is a very unique city. Wenzhounese people have given themselves the name "the Jews of the Orient". The commercial economy here is very well developed. Practically every Wenzhounese family is involved in business of some sort. They have opened companies all over the world on five continents and near four oceans. The spirit of the Wenzhounese people is extremely well-known. Wenzhou is extremely rich in tourism resources. You can take a bamboo raft sightseeing on the Nanxi River, where the view is very charming. You can also visit Yandang Mountain where the stone pillars stretch up to the sky, check out the beautiful rainbow colors of the Great Longjiaofei Waterfall, or go to Cangpo and Yantou Ancient Villages to appreciate the hard labor of our ancestors.

Popular Attractions in Wenzhou

Yandang Mountain
2,506 Reviews
The Yandang Mountain is spread along the East China Sea in southeastern Zhejiang. The frequent volcanic movements have left the mountain with sharp peaks, stalwart stone pillars, magnificent stone walls and mesmerizing colors. The so-called "Yandang Mountain Scenic Area" refers only to the North Yandang. The three supreme sights of North Dalongyu are the Great Dragon Waterfall, the night scene of Lingfeng and the Ling Rock In addition, there are the Upper Cave and the Three-fold Waterfall. However, in order to truly experience the charm of Yandang Mountain, in addition to the above essential scenic spots, you should also visit Xiansheng Gate and Xian Bridge in the far north, the Yangjiao Cave in the east and Yan Lake in the southwest. They all have excellent views and not as many visitors.
Jiangxin Island
2,324 Reviews
Located in the middle of the Oujiang, to the north of Wenzhou City, Jiangxin Island is a rectangular river-center island. It is one of the must-see places in Wenzhou. There are not only ancient towers and other monuments dating back the Southern Song Dynasty, but also the former site of the British Consulate in Wenzhou in the British Concession. Here, you can witness the history of Wenzhou from the Southern Song Dynasty to the opening of the port.
Wenzhou Amusement Park
495 Reviews
Amusement Park
Wenzhou Amusement Park is located in Xia'ao Village, Wenzhou City. Integrating local mountains and waters, its design holds influences from other theme parks and attractions such as Disneyland, Universal Studios, and Hollywood. It offers high-tech entertainment facilities and interactive performances. The park is divided into several themed areas such as the European theme area, the Cartoon area, the American West area, and the Dinosaur Valley Adventure Area. Attractions are abundant, including various rides, roller coasters, bungee jumping, and much more.
Longwantan National Forest Park
706 Reviews
Longwantan National Forest Park is located in the Shizhiyan Scenic Area of ​​Nanxi River in Wenzhou. The parkpresentss a beautiful landscape due to waterfalls formed by a stream of water in the mountains. If possible, please walk along the plank road to the high-altitude glass viewing platform on the mountain top. This U-shaped observation deck is suspended out of the cliff. Walk on the glass if you dare.

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Wenzhou Weather

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Trip Moments

Only a tannery? Wenzhous night, walking into the Rainbow Choirs song "A Mei" mention Wenzhou will think of what? Many people will blurt out: "leather factory", a song that brought fire to the city, but also left an impression in the mind of the people, just like "Henan" and "well cover", but only you come to these The locals will know that the simple and affectionate people of Henan are just like Wenzhou. Wenzhou is abbreviated as or Wen. For everyone who came to Wenzhou for the first time, it is full of curiosity about Wenzhou, especially the dialect of Wenzhou, which is called the most difficult language, even In the American drama "Blind Point" is also called "Devil's Word". When Wenzhou is a national historical and cultural city, it is known as the southland landscape. If you want to talk to them about mountains and rivers, they may sneer at it. Can there be Nanxijiang Yandang Mountain look good?... . Wenzhou is not so lively compared to Hangzhou or Shanghai, but people are not too few. The people who stay here are almost all old people or children, but young people rarely stay in this city, Wenzhou People are businessmen, so this may be the reason why the Wenshang Association is famous. Wenzhou's most interesting dialects, if you are outside Wenzhou, you find that Wenzhou does not understand Wenzhou dialect, it is not surprising, because Wenzhou is collectively referred to as Wenzhou dialect, but in fact, according to the region There are also a series of dialects such as "slang, swearing, pretty talk..." and so on. Wenzhou people are big and don't talk about other people. The recently released mountain light show is a new scenic spot in Wenzhou. It is said that this light show is the Guinness Book of Records. It is really unforgettable after the whole reading. Unfortunately, it is still trying. Among them, it is expected that the National Day will be officially opened. If you come to Wenzhou at that time, remember not to forget to punch in. / There are also Wenzhous drums, and various special products. Go try it! ~
Posted: Sep 8, 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

I recommended Nanxi River Scenic Area, Dalongqiu Scenic Area, Lingfeng Scenic Area, Xiandie Rock, Lingyan Mountain Scenic Area.
Here are the best places to visit in Wenzhou, including: Yongjia College, Longwantan National Forest Park, Nanxi River Scenic Area, Dalongqiu Scenic Area, Lingfeng Scenic Area.
Flower and Bird Island is in the vicinity of the city. One route is to go to Shanghai from Wenzhou, take a bus from Yangshan to Yangshan, take a boat from Yangshan Shenjiawan Wharf to the hustle and bustle, and then take a boat to Huaying Island. Another route is to take a bus from Wenzhou to Ningbo, take a bus from Ningbo to Zhoushan, take a boat from Zhoushan Sanjiang Pier to the hustle and bustle, and then take a boat to Huaying Island. (This route is relatively long by boat.)