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Things To Do in Wenzhou

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    Bailuzhou ParkWenzhou,China

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    Wansong ParkWenzhou,China

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    Huagai Mountain ParkWenzhou,China

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    Huangpi TempleWenzhou,China

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    Palm CoveWenzhou,China

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    England Zhu Wenzhou Consulate Former SiteWenzhou,China

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    Wenzhou Travel Tips

    About Wenzhou

    Wenzhou is located in the southeastern part of Zhejiang. It is a very unique city. Wenzhounese people have given themselves the name "the Jews of the Orient". The commercial economy here is very well developed. Practically every Wenzhounese family is involved in business of some sort. They have opened companies all over the world on five continents and near four oceans. The spirit of the Wenzhounese people is extremely well-known. Wenzhou is extremely rich in tourism resources. You can take a bamboo raft sightseeing on the Nanxi River, where the view is very charming. You can also visit Yandang Mountain where the stone pillars stretch up to the sky, check out the beautiful rainbow colors of the Great Longjiaofei Waterfall, or go to Cangpo and Yantou Ancient Villages to appreciate the hard labor of our ancestors.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are the best places to visit in Wenzhou, including: Yandang Mountain,Jiangxin Island,Wenzhou Amusement Park
    Flower and Bird Island is in the vicinity of the city. One route is to go to Shanghai from Wenzhou, take a bus from Yangshan to Yangshan, take a boat from Yangshan Shenjiawan Wharf to the hustle and bustle, and then take a boat to Huaying Island. Another route is to take a bus from Wenzhou to Ningbo, take a bus from Ningbo to Zhoushan, take a boat from Zhoushan Sanjiang Pier to the hustle and bustle, and then take a boat to Huaying Island. (This route is relatively long by boat.)
    The train sits in Huaihua and then turns to the car.
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