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International Buddhist SocietyNearby City

International Buddhist Society

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Open from 9:30am-5:00pm (Local time)
"Although the city of Vancouver has only 130 years of history, Guanyin Temple is generally found in places where there are Chinese people. This is the second time I have come to Vancouver, and it took a longer time this time, so I have more time to visit Vancouver. In a search of attractions in Vancouver, I found the International Buddhist Guanyin Temple, whose English name is international Buddhist society. I found the route on the Baidu map, but almost couldn't find it. Mainly the stations mentioned on the map, not shown on the bus. Fortunately, I said the number of stations. I kept counting. I asked the driver about the address and showed him the address. He said you said where you are going. I said the English name. The driver didn’t understand much. The main reason was that he didn’t know the buddhist. I said It was God from China. Later he said you were going to temple, right? Then I know where I am going! So, if you want to go there, get on the bus and tell the driver that you are going to the buddhist temple. The driver will tell you where to get off. Take bus 403 to the three road direction. You can take the canada line of the skytrain to the richmond station, get off and transfer to bus 403. In fact, there are two Guanyin Temples in Vancouver. This one was built by Hong Kong people, and the other was built by Taiwanese. There is no admission fee for Guanyin Temple. However, there are three incense sticks at the entrance and three Canadian dollars. The incense is voluntary. It is okay if you don't. However, most people will ask for it because it only costs three Canadian dollars. In the temple, there is the Great Hall of Great Heroes, the Avalokitesvara with Thousand Hands and Thousand Eyes, the Four King Kong and so on. There is a hall of eighteen arhats outside the temple. The arhats are carved out of stone with very fine carvings. The temple is like a garden with beautiful scenery. In short, I can't finish talking, I want to know, go see it! By the way, worship Guanyin Bodhisattva!"