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Mackay Regional Botanic GardensNearby City

Mackay Regional Botanic Gardens

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Open on Mon-Tue,5:00am-10:00pm;Open on Wed-Fri,5:00am-3:00pm;Open on Sat-Sun,5:00am-4:00pm (Local time)
"Checking in a park with beautiful scenery, confessed that there are many parks in the world. I can’t go to them all, so it’s necessary to make a strategy. This time, I took a fancy to a park. According to the word of mouth, the park here is really good, and there are many young couples in this place, let's take a look. When the scenery comes into the park, what is greeted is a harmonious scene, all kinds of plants grow wantonly, without any restrictions and man-made destruction, it is simply a paradise for plants. Walking slowly along the road built in the park, slowly experiencing this kind of leisurely and contented feeling, almost chanting a poem, the sun in the park at noon is relatively big, it is recommended to go in the afternoon, then the rest here will be Only cool, and there is also a lake in the park. Although it is not as good as the famous lake of its tower, this lake does add the finishing touch, making the entire public transformation become spiritual, just like the eyes of the park. . There are many activities in the internal group of the activity park. Just like some parks in China, they are particularly grounded. It is like some aunts and grandpas are walking their dogs, and there is also an activity similar to square dancing. I am also drunk. It is universal in the world, and you can see many people working out, dancing, and singing here. It is really a very grounded park. The opening hours are open all day, and it is free to play. It is recommended to take a walk after dinner."