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Religious Sites
Mengcheng Chenghuang Temple

Mengcheng Chenghuang TempleNearby City

4.5/527 Reviews
"Taoist Temple"
Mengcheng Top 2 in Local History
"Before the liberation, there were many ancient temples in Mengcheng County, among them, the Chenghuang Temple was the largest and most incense temple. "City God", according to "Zhou Li", is one of the water gods of Laba, and it is more common for worshippers after Song Dynasty. According to the "Mengcheng County Chronicles" in the 10th year of Wanli of Ming Dynasty (1582): Chenghuang Temple was built in Yuanzhizheng years (1341--1368). Located in the north of the middle section of Xincheng Road, about 50 meters east of the Confucian Temple. The temple has a brick-and-wood structure with three front doors, the east and west doors are the land temple and the Zengfu temple. In the middle of the main hall, there is a clay sculpture of a golden-faced city god, about 4 meters high, very majestic; in front of it there is a wooden statue, well-dressed, sitting on the chair of the grandmaster, standing up suddenly by his knees, lifelike, every year the masses are "out on the tour" They were carried to the streets during the meeting, and worshipped by believers along the way. At about 9 o'clock in the morning on February 3, 1947, the Chenghuang Temple Theatre suddenly caught fire. The Grand Theatre, the Kuixing Building and dozens of private houses were burned down. Only the main hall and the east and west corridors survived. It is now a key cultural relic protection unit of the county."
Chanyang Temple

Chanyang TempleNearby City

4.4/510 Reviews
"Historical Site"
Bozhou Top 5 in Important Religious Institution
"There is a direct bus from Dali Railway Station to the Three Pagodas of Chongsheng Temple. It costs two yuan and the journey takes about 35 minutes. There is a Ctrip service counter at the ticket office. It is very convenient to pick up tickets. Because it is the first time to pay with WeChat, it is 40 The fare of yuan has been reduced by five yuan, which is very cost-effective. In addition to several landmark buildings such as the Three Pagodas, there are other temples such as Tianwang Hall, Maitreya Hall, Guanyin Hall, Daxiong Hall, Wanghai Tower, etc., which are the same. If you see too much, you will have a kind of aesthetic fatigue. Climbing up the stairs, boarding the Wanghai Tower, the Erhai Lake is in front of your eyes, and the Lingjiu Cangshan behind you, climbing up to the sea, the momentum is indeed different. My legs were sore and swollen. I didn't have enough energy to go down the mountain, so I bought a sightseeing ticket for 15 yuan. The pleasant trip came to an end in the square in front of Huicheng Railway Station. There was a kiosk on the right side selling cold rice noodles and rolls for seven yuan. Ben kindly took out twelve yuan and asked the boss to get five yuan back. I didn’t know that after the boss put the money in his pocket, there was no movement, and he stepped forward and asked the boss to find the money. The boss actually refused to admit the account and insisted that he gave seven dollars, so he kindly regarded it as a donkey’s liver and lungs, but also discounted five dollars. There is not much money, but it shouldn't be such a bullying of outsiders. I hope to pay attention to this." is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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