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Things To Do in Wuchang

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老黄1971Dandong Phoenix Mountain has been known as the "first mountain in Liaodong" since ancient times. The Southern and Northern Dynasties called "Wugu Mountain". In the Xiangguan era, the Taizong Li Shimin of Tang visited this mountain. Phoenix came to worship the ancestors, the Taizong Joy, and then the name "Phoenix Mountain" has been over 1,300 years of history.
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Snow Mountain
_We***83I discovered this place by chance on the Internet, and when I saw this snow valley, I decided to go to it! I booked an inn on the Internet, and the innkeeper arranged a carpool for us and came over. The small scenic area is not big, but this snow valley is really quite fresh! But when we went there was not too much snow, the boss drove his off-road vehicle to take us to the top of the mountain to see the snow for free, the scenic spot can eat, stay, play, and barbecue in summer. So friends can check in again next winter and take beautiful photos! We booked the Youjia Inn. The owner and his family are very enthusiastic.
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M12***63The resort has its own ski resort and other recreational facilities, and all guests staying in the resort are skiing for free! Can help guests to contact carpooling, chartered cars, no fees! Is your best choice!
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滇国剑客Longfengshan National Forest Park is a wild natural landscape park relative to Fenghuangshan National Forest Park. It has the "roughness" of nature. Of course, the most beautiful scenic spot is the vast green waves of the forest.
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我给你洗头用飘柔Take the child to play, booked a round-trip direct bus, the car guide was very intimate, and sent a gift to the children. First of all, the self-help temperature test set by the garden is very convenient, no need to wait in line for the staff to test one by one. The scenery in the garden is very good, the air is fresh, the children can also feed the pigeons, and there are small entertainment facilities. The small animals are not very good in spirit, it may be too cold, but they are forced to open hahaha, the garden party adds more nutrition to the elephant, too small, the skin on the body is pulled down. It was a great trip.
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滇国剑客Wuchang is a place rich in rice, and there are also many forest parks covering this fertile land. This has greatly increased the self-repair ability after land use, and it is a rare treasure.

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Huluwan Sceneic AreaHarbin,China

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Datudingzi MountainHarbin,China

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Changqing Forest FarmHarbin,China

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Jiaxin ResortHarbin,China

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Shilong Mountain ResortHarbin,China

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Wuchanghuilong MountainHarbin,China

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About Wuchang

Wuchang, a county-level city under the administration of Harbin, is located in the upper reaches of the Lalin River in south Heilongjiang Province. Wuchang is named after the Five Constants (wuchang) of Confucian ethics: benevolence (ren), justice (yi), proper rite (li), knowledge (zhi), and integrity (xin). Wuchang’s Mount Datudingzi (“Big Baldy”) is the highest peak in Heilongjiang. Major tourist attractions include Fenghuangshan (“Phoenix Mountain”) National Forest Park, the Shidao (“Stone Knife”) Mountain Scenic Area, and the Longfengshan (“Dragon Phoenix Mountain”) Scenic Area.

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Here are the best places to visit in Wuchang, including: Phoenix Mountain National Forest Park,Snow valley,Ha'erbin Xuegu Jiaxin Resort
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